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An aerial view of downtown Missoula. Many residents make the commute to Missoula's scenic downtown area for their jobs.

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Missoula Jobs

While Missoula jobs are largely competitive, you’ll find some of the most diverse employment opportunities you could expect to find in a city that’s home to about 100,000 residents.

MSN, in its “Best Places for Outdoor Activities,” noted that “Missoula is the place to move to if you want both big-city amenities and out and out wilderness.”

Those qualities underlie the diverse employment opportunities that are found in Missoula. The leading industry sectors include health care and social assistance; local, state, and federal government; professional and technical services; construction; retail trade; and accommodations and food services.

As a major cultural center in the state, Missoula also offers many opportunities for employment in the arts and entertainment arena—galleries, museums, theaters, and music venues.

With the wealth of recreational opportunities and the forested surroundings, seasonal employment is another component of the employment picture. Rivers, trails, ski areas, golf courses, parks, and maintenance of healthy forests all provide opportunities for seasonal employment throughout the year.

Here are a few facts about Missoula jobs:

  • The highest percentage of Missoula’s workforce is made up of people under age 30
  • 32.8% of Missoula residents over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree
  • The average annual income of a Missoula resident is $32,231

Whether you’re relocating to Missoula or are a current resident looking for a new job, job seekers may find it useful to mix old school and new school methods to find gainful employment.

Be sure to check out the other pages of the Employment section for helpful job hunting tips. Also visit our “Work It” blog—your guide to working and finding Missoula jobs.

"Looking for a small town with sophistication? Missoula is the place to move if you want both big city amenities
and out-and-out wilderness."

- MSNB: "Best Places for Outdoor Activities

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