A row of apartments in the University Neighborhood

Many landlords and property managers wait months to fill a vacant rental if it is being held for a desirable tenant, so start checking listings a few months before you plan to move!

Photo by Nelson Kenter - Kenterphotography.com

Photo by Nelson Kenter - kenterphotography.com


Timing is everything for renting in Missoula MT. Whether you are looking for Missoula apartments or a house rental in the area, you’ll generally find many options in Missoula.

However, be prepared to act fast if something desirable comes along—especially if its in the months leading up to one of the two university semesters. You’ll generally have a lot of competition for the more sought after rental locations at these times of year.

Most rental property in Missoula is affordable, making it an economical alternative to buying a home if you’re just moving to town.

Whether you’re buying or renting in Missoula, if your relocation falls on or around the beginning of either college semester (late July, August, September, January, February), be sure to schedule utility installations, such as cable TV, electricity, and phone service, well in advance.

Start your rental search by checking out our list of property management companies.

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