Park it here!

You can head down to the Motor Vehicle Division to get your license, but you'll need to go to your county treasurer's office to get your vehicle registration.

Vehicle Registration

Missoula County Motor Vehicle Department
201 W. Broadway
(406) 258-4747

First-Time Vehicle Registration

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) requires you to register a vehicle in your name if you have recently:

  • Purchased a new or used vehicle
  • Moved to the state
  • Received a vehicle as a gift or inheritance

As a new Montana resident, you have 60 days to register and title your vehicle in the state. If you just bought a car or received one as a gift, there is no grace period for registration and titling. You must do it immediately to drive the vehicle legally on Montana roads.

To register your vehicle or renew a registration, visit the Missoula County Motor Vehicle Department, located on the main floor of the County Courthouse Annex.

Although the state MVD oversees all vehicle titling and registration, you’ll actually transact your business at your local county treasurer’s office.

License Plates

When you title and register your car, you’ll have the option of receiving standard license plates for no extra charge, or purchasing specialty plates. You can also personalize standard or specialty plates, which also requires an extra fee.

Montana seems somewhat unique in offering such an abundance of sponsored and collegiate license plates.  From Grizzly Athletics to Zoo Montana to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to 4-H, there are more than 130 specialty license plates to suit your fancy or promote your affiliation.

You can also apply for disabled plates or placards if you need them.

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