Your local network

With plenty of face-to-face as well as online networking opportunities in Missoula, it's easy to stay connected to the community around you!


Get connected, increase your skills, network with other Missoulians, and serve the Missoula community.

On a monthly basis thousands of individuals gather across the Garden City to share their experiences, talents, and networks to help others succeed.   Whether you are seeking a business or service connection, Missoulians have many options for face-to-face networking with others seeking to do the same.

Or, for those active online, you’ll find your share of networking opportunities there as well. A quick search of “Missoula”” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social sites will bring up pre-defined groups made up of Missoulians open to connecting online.

Visit our Networking & Service Groups page for a list of groups you may wish to consider.

"It is through our connections with the people in our lives, and in our community that we can discover the opportunities to follow
our dreams and be of service to others
who are doing the same."

- Jamie McGarvey, Missoula Life Coach and 2010 Missoula Business Woman of the Year

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