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Things to do in Missoula

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountain West, Missoula has a unique way of blending small-town charm with big-city sophistication, all in a setting that’s second to none.

In Missoula, recreation is an art form – with unique opportunities to combine rafting, skiing, hiking, and biking, with gallery nights, poetry readings, concerts, and plays.

Although the city’s setting provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts, Missoula is rich with recreational alternatives.

Robust with cultural events, family-friendly activities, and a multitude of special events, Missoula is beloved by those who live here – and those who wish they did!

So much to do, so little time… That’s the only downside to Missoula’s vibrant variety of social, cultural, and outdoor activities. Get the scoop on what’s going on around town by this website.

Popular pages include:

Explore It – Explore a variety of attractions within a day’s drive of Missoula

Missoula Dining – A listing of Missoula eateries/restaurants

Missoula Nighlife – A listing of Missoula bars

Missoula Attractions – Checkout Missoula Attractions

Missoula Shopping – A listing of Missoula Shops

Missoula Museums / Galleries – Learn about Missoula’s Museums/Galleries

Missoula Outdoor Recreation – Learn about hiking, biking, fishing and other Missoula area recreation opportunities

Missoula Theater– Live Theatre anyone?  Missoula has lots to choose from

Missoula LIVE Music – Missoula’s Music scene is not to be missed

Be sure to Check out Make it Missoula’s Calendar of Events for all the goings-on around town.

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