Septic Tank Maintenance 101: Tips for Keeping Your System Clean and Efficient

There are various parts of the property that a vast majority of homeowners perceive as essential, and unfortunately, the septic system isn’t one of them. And then, when something goes wrong, you suddenly realize how pivotal it is.

But this certainly doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to wait until it becomes dysfunctional in order to start appreciating it. On the contrary. Now, is the perfect time to showcase your gratitude toward your septic tank by implementing these maintenance tips below!

Let’s Start With Tank Pumping

There are numerous, beneficial things that you can do for your septic tank, that will ensure it remains properly taken care of. One of those things is septic tank pumping which is going to make sure this whole system functions smoothly and is going to prevent any problems that may arise down the road. So what does this entire process involve?

Namely, during tank pumping, you will get rid of all accumulated sludge and solid waste from the tank. In these instances, you must hire a professional, because only they will be able to extract all the content, and, simultaneously, prevent any blockages. By doing so, you will enable your septic tank to run optimally. 

Don’t Forget To Conduct Routine Inspections

Just like with a lot of things that are part of your household, the septic tank can “surprise” you with the things that aren’t the most pleasant. However, most of them can luckily be spotted on time, or prevented, if you conduct inspections on a regular basis.

So how often is it supposed to be done? According to the experts, if you have an average septic tank, then you should do it, approximately every three years. On the flip side, if we’re talking about larger properties or households that have tanks that are intended for bigger groups, or families, then this is something that must be done more often. 

Regardless of the size and the frequency, just be sure that whenever you hire someone, it’s a person who has a plethora of experience when it comes to this and who’s going to be able to recognize any potential problems, even the minor ones.

Make Sure To Check The Leaks As Well!

Another thing that you’re supposed to do to ensure everything’s fine with your septic tank is to walk around it as often as you can, just to see if there are any parts around it where the grass is drastically dense in comparison to other areas of your backyard.

If by any chance, you are dealing with a leaking tank, then there are two ways to notice this. For starters, you’ll smell a very strange odor (to say the least) from the sewage, and you’ll notice that bright grass grows close to it. 

Speaking of the leaks, it’s important to mention that frequently, it can be difficult to find any leaks in it while it is being employed due to the fact that it is buried underground. 

You should perceive a septic tank as a digestive system where everything that’s “ingested” breaks down and goes through a certain chemical process. Except, in these instances, this tank doesn’t deal with food, but with the waste. But the point is, just as you would treat your GI tract, you should treat this tank as well.