Recommended 15 Best Platforms to Buy Instagram Followers

Social media presents businesses and content creators with growth opportunities that never existed before, and Instagram is the cornerstone of many influencers’ and companies’ strategies to showcase their crafts and expand their reach. But the digital platform has become more competitive than ever, making it extremely difficult for most users to earn visibility and build influence.

The heightened competition calls for an approach other than just posting videos: buying real Instagram followers. The reason is simple: Instagram has so much content that it has to decide which photos and videos to show to a widespread audience – and the lucky posters that those who are already popular on the app.

The only way that ordinary IG users can earn larger audiences is to “look popular,” and adding a large number of purchased followers does just that. The extra exposure allows them to showcase their content to large numbers of people who can decide to hit the “follow” button. It works like a charm, as long as the followers are real IG users purchased from a reputable provider.

And these are the best providers who deliver real Instagram followers.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers 2024

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is constantly ranked as the best site to buy Instagram followers and this year is no different. Their package sizes, delivery time, experience, customer service, and results are all excellent, making it easy to choose them as the best of the bunch.

Let’s start with the packages. Twicsy offers three distinct types of real follows: standard high-quality followers, active followers, and celebrity/influencer followers. As you move up the ladder, the engagements become more powerful (and slightly more expensive). You can start with 100 genuine followers and increase your purchases; the largest package contains 20,000 real followers. All Twicsy offerings are priced reasonably and delivered instantly.

Their website is easy to use, responsive, and safe; you can order followers in less than a minute, and 24/7 customer support is always available to help with questions, issues, or custom orders. But what’s most important (other than the legitimacy of their followers) is that Twicsy triggers the strongest organic account growth any provider can offer. They’re clearly the best.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid’s no slouch, either. They’ve won numerous awards as the best follower provider over their dozen years in operation, and their products and results are so close to Twicsy that it seems fair to rank either service as #1.

Their packages are all competitively priced, with 100 real followers going for as low as $2.97. You can purchase as many as 20,000 authentic followers at once, and if you’re looking for faster and more powerful growth, you can upgrade to premium followers. Delivery is lightning-fast and all packages are priced at levels comparable to other reputable services.

The Buzzoid customer experience is exactly what you’d want: simple and fast ordering, all customer information fully protected, multiple payment methods accepted, and day-and-night customer support.

Buzzoid does everything right, including the most important aspect of their service: growing customers’ Instagram audience and presence to new levels in a hurry.

3. Rushmax

Just as the name implies, Rushmax helps brands and influencers gain a huge follower base in no time without jeopardizing their IG accounts. With this reputable platform’s real followers, you can increase your online visibility and importance effectively and quickly.

Those followers are available in your choice of package size; the one obvious thing that sets Rushmax (and our next service InstaPort) apart from Twicsy and Buzzoid is that the maximum number of real followers available is 5,000. Upgrades to premium followers cost a little extra and are strongly recommended; all packages are priced fairly and delivered rapidly.

The website is straightforward to navigate and you can place and complete an order in 60 seconds or less, encrypted transactions and secure servers work to fully protect customer data, and it supports several payment options for seamless transactions. The customer support is just as impressive, available day and night to answer questions, handle issues, or create custom orders.

Results may not quite measure up to those delivered by Twicsy and Buzzoid, but they’re extremely close to that level – and if Rushmax’s growth continues the way it’s gone the past few years, we could soon have a tie at the top spot of our rankings.

4. InstaPort

Rushmax is somewhat new to the Instagram service industry, and InstaPort is even newer. Nevertheless, they’ve quickly built a very effective growth service that’s just about as good as Rushmax and close behind the “big boys.”

InstaPort offers a large number of affordable follower packages. Whether you want 100, 1000, or 5,000 real followers, InstaPort has a product that meets your needs at very friendly prices and with fast delivery. Want even stronger growth? InstaPort offers more powerful premium followers for an extra charge.

Their website is user-friendly, navigable, and safe, so user information can’t be stolen and orders can be placed quickly and easily. 24/7 customer support rounds out the many benefits offered by this new and impressive provider.

Oh, wait – we haven’t mentioned organic growth. InstaPort followers trigger strong increases in content visibility and organic popularity at about the same level as Rushmax. They’re a great up-and-coming service to try.

Other Services to Consider

Our research showed that four sites were far and away the best choices for Instagram followers that trigger organic growth. These other 11 options don’t measure up to the Twicsys of the world, but their followers are real and they can deliver at least some level of account growth.

5. Like Leap: Their likes are better, but their followers are also high-quality.
6. Boostify: Pretty decent growth, after a long wait for follower delivery.
7. Gram Growth: Everything else seems great with this service, but growth doesn’t impress.
8. Pulse Pixel: Bargain followers turn out to be not such a bargain when you see poor results.
9. Follow Flare: Essentially on the same level as Twicsy, but with prices almost twice as high.
10. InstaMiracle: Pretty good followers, pretty good service, pretty good growth.
11. Snap Surge: The big drawback here is that customer service is extremely hard to reach.
12. InstaElevate: Good-quality followers can take as long as 24 hours to show up at times.
13. View Vantage: A budget service whose results are sometimes strong, sometimes not.
14. Engage Hub: Another overly expensive service; you can get the same quality at lower cost.
15. Fusion Snap: Their real followers don’t usually translate into strong organic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Many Followers Should I Buy?

There’s no “right” answer, but the best practice is to match the size of your purchase to your existing follower count. For example, a user with around 500 followers would be smart to purchase no more than 500 real ones; that way, the growth seems natural and the algorithms won’t consider putting a hold on your growth. Save the 20,000-follower packages for when you’ve become an influencer.

2. Will Buying Instagram Followers Get My Account Banned?

If you’re using one of our recommended providers, absolutely not. They all deliver real followers with real IG accounts, so they don’t break any of Instagram’s rules and your presence on the app is safe. Only fake followers sold by disreputable websites, which violate the platform’s terms and conditions, put you at risk for penalties and an account ban.