Location, Location, Location

Sterling Savings Bank on Higgins Ave. is just one of the many businesses that chooses to call downtown Missoula its home.

Photo by Nelson Kenter - kenterphotography.com

Commercial Real Estate

What’s that real estate agent mantra?  “Location, location, location?”  Depending on the type of business you run, this could ring resoundingly true to you.

Restaurant and retail business in Missoula can potentially benefit from the traffic that downtown, South Brooks Street, North Reserve Street, and other areas provide.

For leasing or buying other types of commercial real estate, such as warehouses, office space, land, and otherwise, be sure to check out our commercial tips as well as the City of Missoula’s Site Selector.

Staying up-to-date on real estate law and policies, and protecting yourself against the dishonest and predatory lenders and agents that gave the real estate market a bad name, is vital in any walk of business—especially if you’re launching a new venture or relocating a business to a new city.

As you search for the perfect commercial space, approach the situation with business savvy. Prices fluctuate from market to market across the country and luxurious office space in Missoula may come at a premium price compared to a similar space in smaller Midwestern towns.

To make your search as easy and painless and possible, refer to our commercial real estate tips and use our commercial leasing checklist.