Green Living

To Missoulians green living isn't just a trend, it's a way of life. Being green isn't just important to Missoula citizens, but local business owners as well.

Going Green & Recycling

Good design and stewardship of natural resources is nothing new in Missoula – we are known for being resourceful folks who value cohesive communities and abundant natural resources.

Here are some tips and information about recycling and sustainable living in Missoula:

  • To schedule recycling pick-up,  Missoula Offers a couple of options:
  • You can also cart your recyclables to the Pacific Steel and Recycling facility at 2828 Palmer St. (just off of North Reserve Street) or at the Republic Services drop off location at 3207 West Broadway.
  • The University of Montana runs an on-campus recycling program that includes recycling stations around campus and a recycling intern who coordinates the Waste-Wise Education Program
  • The Salt Lake City-based Rocky Mountain Recycling has a Missoula location to provide a range of innovative services to commercial and industrial companies. They can be reached at (406) 542-0122
  • Tear It Up, a local shredding service, recycles every last bit of shredded paper to west coast paper mills, pet stores, llama ranches, and compost companies
  • For everything that can’t be reused or recycled, sign up for garbage collection with Republic Services on their website.
  • The Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) provides grassroots programs and resources, such as backyard sustainability workshops, a tool library, truck share, and demonstration site programs, to help Missoulians become greener and more self-sufficient
  • Garden City Harvest is a Missoula organization committed to raising and distributing local produce.

As an alternative to buying pricey “green” cleaning products, learn how to use common kitchen products instead. For example, vinegar and baking soda can be mixed with water and some liquid soap to make everything from a bathroom cleaner to a counter scrub.

For more tips on how to recycle in Missoula, check out the Missoula Recycling Guide.