The Lifelong Learning Center

The Lifelong Learning Center

AKA:  Adult Education

AKA:  Dickinson School We don’t care what you call us…as long as you know we are here to provide a variety of classes designed to meet the needs of our community of lifelong learners!

From what started in 1957 with a class of 20 individuals who were needing to learn the skill of welding, we  have grown into a program that provides over 1,000 classes annually in everything from Art to Zippers. While I’m not sure what you really want to learn about Zippers, we can teach you how to put one in if you take one of our sewing classes!

We pride ourselves in providing QUALITY educational opportunities for individuals 16 years of age and older while keeping our prices as low as possible.  Whether you want to explore a new career path,  learn a new hobby, or get fit…we have classes for you!

Check out our current catalog of classes:

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