Need A Place To Rent? Here’s Where To Start

If you need a place to rent, know that navigating the rental market can be frustrating and challenging at the same time. Depending on where you reside, there could be either a lot of options or a few of them. The quality and prices may also depend on the available properties.

How do you find the best property rental for your needs?

Choosing a rental is more than just checking off the list of amenities. If you’re confused with the options and clueless on where to get started, read below:

  • Know What You’re Searching For

To succeed in finding the right rental, you should first determine your preferences and goals in renting a place. It’s best to jot down a list of your priorities.

For instance, do you want a property near businesses that offer sewing services like Development Workshop? Or do you prefer a property that’s big enough for you and your family?

As you determine what you’re looking for, consider the transportation, proximity, and the type of amenities you require. With a list of your priorities, you can quickly figure out if a place meets your needs.

A well-thought-out list also ensures that you won’t settle for a space that you’ll regret choosing in the future. 

  • Determine Your Budget

One of the things that require careful consideration is your budget. As you look for a rental, you must know how much you can spend without exhausting all your savings. There are instances when you can get a luxurious unit if you’re willing to pay an extra hundred dollars monthly. However, it will only stretch yourself thin, so it might not be a wise move.

The golden rule is that you must not spend more than 30% of your income every month on rent. It can be less or more than your monthly salary, but not beyond that percentage. Thus, before you start searching for a rental, spend more time establishing your budget. Moreover, regardless of how tempting a costly property might look, stick with the rental that makes sense for you.

  • Work With A Rental Broker

Finding a rental takes a bit of luck and work, but you can quickly streamline the process using a rental broker’s services. Rental brokers are paid with a referral fee by management companies and landlords once they successfully turn prospects into clients by signing the lease contract. It means that you don’t have to pay for anything when you decide to call one.

Rental brokers can be of great help, especially when you’re confused about what to look for in a rental. They can also do comprehensive searches within the confines of your necessities and budget and return a list of every existing property within your preferred area.

If you don’t have the extra time to do research, using a rental broker’s services can simplify the process and lead to finding a better rental. 

  • Look For A Responsible Landlord

Once you’ve found a rental listing that matches your needs, your next step is to contact the landlord. Considering the kind of landlord you’re dealing with is also essential. A landlord is supposed to cater to the renters’ needs and preferences—so it’s helpful to look for someone responsive and helpful. 

You’d want a landlord who’s known for having a good tenant process, since it guarantees that he or she has high standards. If the landlord constantly stresses the importance of having a good tenant, it means that the former is always invested in maintaining their rentals. This aspect can make a difference if you’re aiming for a long-term rental and a peaceful, conflict-free relationship with your landlord. 

  • Don’t Trust What You See Online

Many rental searches these days are done online. While online listings can help you get a good feel of the properties posted, it’s not a guarantee that everything you’ve read is 100% true. 

Use your online search as your starting point to come up with a list of possibilities. Then, make sure that you visit the properties in person. The reason behind this is that pictures can be a little deceiving, and that big bedroom you saw online may be too small to fit your bed. Thus, be sure to go offline and visit onsite before signing anything.

  • Learn How To Recognize A Good Listing

As you further your search in the rental market, you must examine every rental listing you see on a website.

Reliable property rental listings typically show the rental prices, amenities, complete address, the landlord’s contact details, and several pictures for proof. The more extensive the rental listing, the more trustworthy it becomes.

If a rental listing leaves you asking more questions, the landlord could be withholding important details. Remember that the quality of rental listings reflects the effort of the landlords. A detailed listing means that they took their time taking photos and listing crucial information about the space.

Also, a quality rental listing outlines the rental process. For example, it may include information about the rental application, background and credit check, application fee, and the necessary deposits.

  • Don’t Forget To Read The Lease Agreement

Although a lease contract is boring to read, it can have a significant impact on your daily life as a renter since it can be full of implications. You must read a lease before signing it to get an idea of your supposed expectations and your landlord’s conditions as well. 

Certain things such as regular notices, lease termination clauses, and property maintenance should be included in the agreement. Once you sign the contract, you expressly agree to all of the terms stated therein. It’s crucial to know what you’re getting into, rather than receiving lots of unpleasant surprises due to the failure to read between the lines. 


Finding any type of rental property takes time, but it’s a good idea to put in the extra effort during the searching phase to ensure that you end up somewhere that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. If you follow the tips above, you’ll know where to start searching for an ideal rental property.