How to Create an Outstanding CV in Simple Steps

A person with unique experience and competencies will be invited for an interview, even if his resume is written on a napkin. But to increase the chance of victory in the struggle for the dream job, the quality of the resume comes to the fore.

Create Your Perfect CV and Find a Job Instantly

When compiling a CV, the emphasis is not only on professional skills but also describes hobbies, passion for a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Such resumes are most often relevant when they are looking for a person for a job, where a well-hung language and the ability to sell anything is needed – from an idea to a specific product: that is, from ordinary salespeople to vice-presidents of the company.

Let us describe how you can create a perfect resume for recruiters and companies step-by-step.

Photos and Contacts

Photography in the resume will always be a plus, even if the position does not involve communication with people. The photo will make the resume personalized: it is easier to notice, and the response from the photo is more difficult to miss or delete. But you need to choose a portrait for your resume critically: a bad photo can ruin everything. A professional portrait photo, business, and neutral photo are best suited.

In the “Contacts” section, pay attention to the mailbox – it must correspond to professional status. The address will emphasize the non-business approach to work. But is already better.

Some applicants indicate in the resume their home address up to a specific apartment. It is enough to show the city or the nearest metro station.


All educational courses indicated in the CV must be professional. It is better to miss something than to add dubious certificates, for example, about massage courses, if this knowledge is not relevant for your work.

Personal Skills Description

Often applicants confuse skills with personal qualities. So in the qualifications are “Responsibility” or “Punctuality.” We advise you to write about these qualities in the “About Me” section and avoid commonplace. Instead of “Responsibility” and “Punctuality,” write, “I am conscientious in completing tasks” and “Always fit into the promised time frame.” The essence of this will not change, but the wording will be remembered.

In some cases, you can specify personal qualities that are not directly related to the profession – it can be in good physical shape or athletic achievements. All the same, it applies to results in the intellectual sphere.

If you are a city chess champion or have won a programming contest, this is interesting. If you’re just keen on reading, then no. You have to add only what will help you get a job.

Job Experience

If you are not a beginner, then experience is the central part of the resume. Approach this section with particular care. If you think that you may fail, then it is better to ask professionals to perform CV writing for you.

  1. The background should look solid, that is, without long breaks in a career. If there were breaks, then they should have an explanation: maternity leaves, doing business, freelance, and so on.
  2. If you change jobs more than once a year, this will alert the employer. You have been promoted – write about it in one block.
  3. Pay attention to the last three years of work, and this is of interest to employers in the first place. About the initial stages of a career and about what was more than ten years ago, you can tell very briefly.
  4. If the company is unknown in the market, indicate its type of activity. Not just Crips LLC, but “plastic products manufacturing enterprise.” The events of the company can be briefly described in the block of responsibilities.

Check Your CV before You Send It

When the work is finished, we advise you to carefully go through the text at least two or three times, correcting possible mistakes and editing not-so-good phrases. Typos in headings, company names, and job titles will especially alert the employer.


Each profession has its characteristics. The differences between the “subcultures” of different professions do not allow us to make the only correct instruction for everyone. We have compiled only general tips that apply to all job seekers.