Ways to Stay Safe on Your Next Family Camping Trip

Camping is an enjoyable experience for families. It gives you uninterrupted time with nature and the ones you love most. There’s so much to learn and discover along the way creating plenty of memories to share for a lifetime. As exciting and eventful as a family camping trip can be, however, your safety has to take priority.

From injuries to forest fires, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Though you can’t prevent it all, taking precautions in advance to remain safe decreases the likelihood of something happening to you or your family. Below is a list of top safety tips to make the most out of your next family camping trip.

Always Have Your Vehicle Serviced

Crazy things can happen even before you make it to the campsite. An inefficient vehicle could leave you and your family stranded or in an accident. A rule of thumb before hitting the road is to have your vehicle serviced. Whether you’re taking a car, minivan, or RV, you want to make sure that it is in working order so there are no incidents during your drive.

Prepare for All Types of Weather

Montana’s weather tends to vary depending on what part you plan on camping in. The eastern and western regions experience very different weather patterns. The west is known for warm winters, cool summers, and average rainfall. The east region, on the other hand, is known for hot summers, cold winters, with less humidity and more sunny skies.

As weather can be unpredictable at times, it’s recommended that you be prepared for it all. Pack layers to keep warm when the sun goes down, have rain gear on hand should it start to storm, and plenty of blankets to snuggle up if it gets really cold. This keeps everyone comfortable and reduces the risk of someone getting sick.

Pack a First Aid Kit

You never know what could happen while you and your family are on your camping adventure. One of your children could get hurt during a hike or while playing games outdoors. No matter what, you want to be prepared to handle the matter right away. Having a first aid kit on hand with efficient supplies like bandages, ointments, saline, and more can help you to quickly treat a minor injury.

Practice Fire Safety

When you’re in a wooded area it can be fairly easy for a large fire to start. To keep your family safe, learn the rules about campfires. For example, your fire should be at least 15 feet away from your tent, trees, and shrubs. You should also keep fires small and start them in designated areas such as the fire pits located on campsites. Never walk away from the fire and keep a pail of water near you to put out the fire before going to bed. As an added precaution, if you like to smoke, it might be best to bring a vape kit with you instead. They have some of the best vape juice brands available to suit your tastes and you don’t have to worry about a lit cigarette causing a fire.

Pack and Store Food Safely

Unless you all want to end up sick from a food-borne illness, it is imperative that you properly pack and store your food. Make sure that you have enough coolers and insulated containers to keep raw food at the appropriate temperature. Also, keep raw foods separate from prepared foods to avoid cross-contamination. Another point to keep in mind about food is that it attracts wildlife. Therefore, you should always be sure to clean up after eating and keep your food where it won’t tempt unwanted guests.

Protect Yourself

You’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors during your family camping trip. This exposes you to the sun which can burn your skin and insects that can leave behind nasty bites. Protect yourself and your family by making sure that you remember to pack and wear bug guard and sunscreen on a daily basis. There are some brands that are a bug guard and sunscreen combination for easier application.

If you’ve never been camping as a family, it’s an adventure worth exploring. You’ll have a blast unplugged from the rest of the world and tapped into nature. Just be sure that you’ve handled all these tasks on the safety list above to reduce the chances of your family getting hurt.