What is an Employment Lawyer?

There are hundreds of employment or labor laws implemented in the United States. These laws are meant to put a fine line on the employee-employer relationship. They help regulate activities in the workplace and the employer’s expectation of its employee and vice versa. Most significantly, with employment laws, the rights of the employees stay intact and secured.

Unfortunately, some employers violate and do not abide by these laws and tend to get away with them. These work-related issues are what employment lawyers specialize in handling and solving on an everyday basis.

What is an Employment Lawyer?

Employment lawyers help with cases that involve employees being treated unfairly in the workplace by their bosses or co-employees. Having an employment lawyer take a look at your case can improve your employers’ chances of being held accountable for their negligence. When you are trying to submit an employment lawsuit, you will be needing assistance from an experienced lawyer.

Also, if you are looking for unlawful pay attorney, an employment lawyer can help you with your case. Unlawful pay is a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), where employers are required to follow federal guidelines for minimum wage and overtime.

There are different types of employment lawsuits.

  • Wrongful termination

An employer can not terminate without a valid reason. If you are fired because of discrimination or because you refused to do something inappropriate and against your will, you can file legal claims.

  • Discrimination

Being mistreated because of your race, religion, gender, age, disability, etc., can be a ground for an employment lawsuit. There are laws and acts that protect employees from being discriminated against because of these factors. A good example is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

  • Negligence

If the employer refuses to provide compensation to a worker injured in the workplace, an employment lawsuit can be filed against them. You have to provide evidence that your workplace is unsafe and hazardous for all employees, and the owners are not doing anything about it.

  • Harassment

Sexual harassment or any type of harassment is one of the most common misconducts done by employers in a higher position. If you feel like you have been sexually harassed and violated in any way, contact an employment lawyer immediately.

  • Breach of contract

Any breach of contract done by your employer can be subjected to an employment lawsuit. Have an employment lawyer review your contract to make sure that nothing is being violated. 

  • Violation of Wage Laws

There are federal and state wage laws implemented to make sure that all employees are compensated rightfully. Any violations against these laws by your employers can be grounds for lawsuits. If you think you are receiving unfair paychecks for a couple of months now and your employer is ignoring your grievances, call an employment lawyer.

How can an employment lawyer help you?

An employment lawyer can help you by reviewing your contracts and checking if there are breaches that have been made. They can provide you with pieces of advice on the next best steps that you should take to move on with your claim. They will conduct proper documentation and research that can back up and solidify your claim.

Employment Lawyer in Kansas City

When you find yourself stuck in a situation where you are unfairly undermined and violated by your employer, immediately hire an employment lawyer that could help you. Employment lawyer Kansas City assist employees that are victims of discrimination, harassments, bullying, and other types of workplace misconduct. They aim to hold corporations and employers accountable and ensure that all employees receive what they properly deserve.