How To Effortlessly Leave A Good Impressions And Get The Job You Want

First impressions are part of the building block of any relationship. The circumstances surrounding the events in which you meet a person for the first time have a huge effect on how you view the person and your future encounters. Sometimes, it’s a huge determiner of whether you want to have a second meeting or not, especially in romantic or professional relationships.

Research suggests that people who are good-looking and tall, tend to receive higher salaries than less-attractive, shorter people. 

How then can you mitigate against this natural setback? How do you make the best first impression, beyond looks and physique at a job interview, and land that dream job?

Here’s how:

Be There Early

You’ve probably heard this a million times: “If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late.” Being punctual is not negotiable—especially when it’s for an interview for your dream job. But irrespective of how many times it has been said, it’s worth the repetition: Always show up on time.

Call as soon as you can, to let the interviewers know if you’d be running late. It’s very professional and shows them how much you appreciate their time and the opportunity given. It is way better than giving a lame excuse when you get there 30 minutes late.

Dress Like A Professional

Dressing appropriately for the job interview can have a significant impact on your first impression. This is why it is important to dress professionally and appropriately for the position and industry you are applying for. It is also very important to ensure you are well-groomed, with an appropriate hairstyle, brushed teeth, and fresh breath.

Dressing professionally and keeping a pleasant appearance showcases your commitment to representing yourself and the company professionally. Business attire allows the interviewer to focus on your qualifications and the overall interview rather than how you look.

Master The Art Of Nonverbal Language

This works closely with body posture.

Similar to active listening, your body language and gestures during an interview can convey quite a bit about your work ethic to employers. To appear open and honest, try not crossing your arms and legs. And to appear approachable, make sure to relax your brow. Ignoring these small cues can subtly signal to others that you are hostile or unfriendly, which can immediately set interviewers on guard and negatively affect your interview.

Your posture impacts people’s first impression of you. During your interview, you should stand tall, sit back up straight, keep your shoulders back and hold your head up. Good posture conveys a feeling of professionalism and confidence. Also, be sure to maintain eye contact with your interviewer at all times.

Make A Bold Statement With Your Resume

Your resume is arguably the most important part of your job application process as it’s the first point of contact the company and its interviewers have with you before the main interview.

Your resume should make a bold statement that says, “I AM THE BEST FIT”, for whatever position the desired position. Reckoning that interviewers typically have tons of resumes to go through before selecting those who proceed to the main interview, your resume has to be adequately optimized to get their attention in the first few seconds of reading.

Your resume should be built in an easy-to-read structure, show proof of value, and have the first quarter carry enough information to keep the interviewer intrigued and impressed. 

Consider using online resume makers. Even the most experienced executives and professionals have difficulty with tailoring their resumes to fit new roles. 

Be Friendly And Polite

Often, people form their first impressions in just a few minutes after meeting you. At the first interview, it is important to greet your interviewer with a warm and friendly greeting as well as a firm handshake. Your greeting should consist of a sincere smile and a brief introductory statement.

Your politeness should transcend all people and ranks. The person working at the front desk may not be the person in charge of hiring you, but that does not mean they should be disregarded.

Some companies specifically request that their front desk professionals report back on the attitude of interviewees as they walk into the office. And this may play a role in the final choice of the company—so you should treat them as you would treat your interviewer.

Be Organized

You can anticipate that your interviewer will request a copy of your updated resume within the first few minutes of your meeting. However, if you have to dig through phone chargers, candy wrappers, old receipts, and other irrelevant items in your bag, you will appear unserious and disorganized.

Your resume, your references, and even a usable pen (one that is not completely mangled) should all be readily accessible and neatly organized.
Landing that dream job goes beyond making a great first impression. However, this helps you get your foot through the door and secures ample time to prove your worth. It also set your interviewers in a mood of comfort and leniency which could favor you during the interview.