Different Jobs Comedians Can Get

Although one can have a successful career as a comedian, sometimes it can be hard to find work. Not everyone is as famous as Kevin Hart or Damon Wayans Jr, meaning there may be some dry spells when it comes to finding jobs. Thankfully, a career as a comedian opens yourself up to a variety of potential work options that you can take advantage of. If you find yourself struggling to find work as a comedian, try checking out some of these different jobs comedians can get. 


The most obvious job a comedian can get is doing stand-up comedy shows and other live performances. Doing stand-up comedy in front of large crowds is what most comedians dream of doing. However, finding stand-up comedy gigs can be hard work, and you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to make it big time. Additionally, a lot of talent is required to become a famous stand-up comedian, as you’ll need to brilliantly execute jokes. Despite this, making it big as a stand-up comedian is quite lucrative when it comes to money and fame, making all the hardships and obstacles you’ll face worth it. 


Although stand-up comedy may be what many people envision a comedy career as, it isn’t the only thing you can do in comedy. Writing is another great option that those with comedic talent can pursue. Many shows, plays, and skits need comedic writers to help write jokes and to add comedic effect. In fact, you may even be able to write jokes for other comedians. While writing jokes doesn’t get all the fame and glory stand-up acts do, you still get to use your comedic talent. As a result, writing comedy and jokes is perfect for those individuals who want a comedy career but would prefer to stay out of the spotlight.


Many famous comedians star in shows and movies, often causing a major overlap between actors and comedians. Famous comedians like Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, and Adam Sandler have all been able to transform comedy careers into successful acting careers. Comedy involves using impeccable timing to deliver jokes and punchlines, and that timing can come in handy while acting. Additionally, your natural comedic ability can make it easy for you to play comic relief characters in comedy shows. Acting and comedy are closely intertwined, so why not try to use some of your contacts in the entertainment industry and try your hand at acting like this acting class from The Actor’s Group Orlando?


Comedians that have a lot of experience with stand-up comedy should be able to flawlessly transition into a public speaking role. Stand-up comedy involves being able to stand in front of large crowds and deliver certain words, which will obviously help with any public speaking role. Common gigs you could find with speaking include transitioning into a motivational speaker or as a presenter. You already have public speaking skills and exceptional word timing from stand-up, so why not take advantage of those skills?