7 Worst Resume Mistakes That Are A Strict No-No

Of course, you applied for multiple jobs, sent resumes, and did everything right. So, why did you not get any response? 9 times out of 10, the cause of rejection, isn’t your inefficiency or lack of skills but your resume. A lot of times, your resume has fatal errors that you fail to notice. So, to help you avoid such mistakes, we have come up with a list of resume mistakes that are a strict no-no. Do keep a check on such errors, and you’ll bag your dream job.

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Kylie, who offers online write my research paper and resume service, states, that your resume needs to be grammatically perfect. If your resume has grammar or spelling issues, the employer will draw an unflattering conclusion about you. As a result, you might lose out on the job.

Lack of specifics

You don’t have to state the obvious to the hiring manager. To bag a job, convince the employers of your accomplishments. You need to make the recruiters believe in your skills and abilities. So, be concise and clear about your experience, your interests, and your abilities. Such specifics are crucial in helping you get your dream job.

Relying on the “one–size–fits–all” approach

When you send a generic resume to every job opening, your resume will likely end up in the trash bin. Your lack of effort, speaks volumes, about your character and personality. Employers need to feel special when you write a resume application for their company. So, draft a resume that showcases your interest in the organization and proves that you are fit for the available position.

Highlight duties and not accomplishments

To bag a job, you need to write a resume that showcases how good you will be if you get the job. Anaida, who offers best blockchain certification online, says that an ideal resume will never simply list the accomplishments, rather it would state the duties. Of course, you did everything that your previous job demanded but did you do anything above and beyond that? If your achievements only talk about the job that you were supposed to do, what difference did you bring? So, if there’s anything that you did, beyond the scope of your job, include it in your resume, and it will garner you brownie points.

For instance, if you organized seminars or motivational sessions for your team, include it in the resume. It is something that doesn’t fall under the scope of your job. So, including something like this, will let the employer know of your leadership and organizational skills.

You can also write about the promotions, special recognitions or awards, that you got for such acts.

Exaggeration or Unnecessarily Squeezing things in

A lot of people try to squeeze in their experiences, hobbies, interests, onto one page. Reason? They have heard that resumes should be as short as possible. Yes, it is true. However, it does not mean that you have to cut out your impressive achievements. Honestly, there aren’t any official rules on the length of the resume. But a lot of times it depends on the preferences of the person reading your resume. So, ideally, a resume, shouldn’t be too long, but it shouldn’t be too short either. You have to include your breakthrough achievements, irrespective of the length. However, do not ramble about any redundant or irrelevant experiences. Try not to exceed over two pages, but if you can do with a single page, don’t exaggerate, beyond necessary.

Bad summary

Unfortunately, a lot of candidates lose their job, right at the beginning of the resume with their career summary. Do not include statements like, ‘Efficient professional, looking for career growth.” Honestly, it is the most general and overused statement in a resume. Give your employees something specific; something, which talks more about your needs than your expectations.

No action verbs

Never use phrases such as “responsible” in your resume. Instead, opt for the action verbs. Sarah, a prolific writer, who did an excellent semrush review online, states, that action verbs showcase your initiative. So, when you use action verbs in the resume, it will amplify the tone of the resume.

For instance:

Developed an app for an onboarding program for fresh recruits.

So, these according to us are the top 7 resume mistakes that you should avoid while writing your resume.