Is It Too Late for a Career Change?

Battling with the thoughts that you might have picked the wrong career path is nothing unique – you’re far from alone if you’re feeling this way. And while in most of these cases the feelings are not actually valid, because they’re based on something momentary that has triggered an emotional response, there are also situations where it’s definitely not a bad idea to sit down and take a long, hard look at your current state. Feeling like you don’t want to go to work today is normal, but if you constantly feel like your job is making you unhappy, you should look into an alternative path.

The Job Market Is Changing Faster Than Ever

The rapid rate of development in some sectors has resulted in interesting changes in the job market. Positions that were highly sought a couple of decades ago are all but irrelevant now, while new fields have cropped up that require unique skills which not many people have yet. If you have a knack for something new and growing – like software development or cryptocurrencies – that can be a good starting point in your search for a new career path. Of course, you should carefully weigh your options to determine which ones actually have a chance of surviving in the long run.

New Opportunities Are Around Every Corner

Changing your career used to be very difficult just a few decades ago, mostly because obtaining the information required for that major leap was a challenge. Not so much today – especially if you know your way around the internet. Between online programs from Marian University and similar respected institutions, freely available tutorials and videos, and the huge communities that exist around pretty much any activity you can think of, you can brush up on your skills and make yourself a viable candidate without too much hassle. You just need to determine what you want to do, and what gaps you have in your knowledge that are preventing that.

Age Is Largely Irrelevant

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that you’re too old to change your course. That’s a very harmful way of thinking, and it’s not very true anyway. People have successfully made the jump at pretty much any stage of their lives that you can imagine. As long as you have a viable path forward and the determination to get the job done, that’s all that really matters. Of course, there are some choices that are obviously an exception to this – if you’re well in your 50s, you probably shouldn’t be looking at a career that requires a decade of experience just to get started, like becoming a surgeon. But these cases are usually obvious.

On top of everything we mentioned above, remember to always do your best to network. Building contacts is the best way to expand your range of opportunities with regards to your professional development. You never know when someone might have the right proposal down the road, or make the perfect candidate for your new startup that you’re currently planning.