Kayaker's paradise

A kayaker enjoys a calm section of the Blackfoot River. Whether you crave the thrill of white water or the serenity of still water, Missoula's rivers have something for everyone.

photo by Nelson Kenter Kenterphotography.com

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting

For a landlocked state, Montana’s water sports scene is second to none. World-class rafting, kayaking and canoeing can all be found within close proximity to Missoula.

Practice makes perfect at Brennan’s Wave, a man-made practice rapid on the Clark Fork River underneath the Higgins Bridge that opened in 2006. The US Freestyle Kayaking team trials were held here this summer on June 30-July 2.

Fly fishermen aren’t the only ones celebrating when the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Rock Creek and Clark Fork Rivers yield plentiful results. During the early summer months, these waterways are a kayakers paradise.

For serious white water fun, check out the Alberton Gorge just 30 miles west of Missoula, or the Lochsa River just over the Idaho state line.  Meryl Streep may have conquered “The River Wild” but she wouldn’t stand a chance in this high altitude chop. Local raft companies and guides and kayak shops are prevalent in Missoula—making a great day on the river easy to find and prepare for.

See our listings of Missoula Area Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting Companies and check out Jason Shreder’s “Go With the Flow” kayaking blog.

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman Summer Workshop August 7-9

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman Summer Workshop August 1-3

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Still Water Season

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Max Wave Fundraiser at Flathead Lake Brewery

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Kayaking and Creating Community at Brennan’s Wave

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Photo Gallery: Montana Whitewater Championship Pre-Comp

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2012 Whitewater Championships at Brennan’s Wave

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Kayaking is FUN!

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Kayaking’s Best: The Rider of the Year and Whitewater Grand Prix

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Lower Salmon River Float: A Great Weekend Adventure

by JASON SHREDER. This past weekend, some friends and I decided to float the Lower Salmon River. This is a great last minute, spur-of-the-moment river trip because logistics are fairly easy. That’s exactly ho... more

River Fun and Kayaking in the Fall

by JASON SHREDER. Summer is almost over. That doesn’t mean you have to stop paddling or enjoying the river. This is actually one of my favorite times of the year to paddle. We have been kayaking, stand up pad... more

Whitewater Kayaking – Taking That Next Step

by JASON SHREDER. It’s crazy but as many kayakers as there are in Missoula one would think that it would be easier to find people to paddle with, but it’s a struggle for people that start out on their own. ... more

Whitewater Kayaking and Learning to Roll

by JASON SHREDER. I remember back to my first days kayaking. I was thinking to myself “what options do I have besides pulling my skirt and swimming if I can’t roll my kayak?”... more

Maiden Missoula Review: Zootown Surfers

By LEAH LEWIS. This summer some of the rivers are a little too high and fast for me to be comfortable navigating the Alberton Gorge without some expert advice. So I turned to fellow Make It Missoula blogger a... more

Blackfoot River Kayaking Challenge

by JASON SHREDER. This weekend the 3rd Annual Blackfoot River Challenge will take place on the Blackfoot River. The event will include clinics, downriver race/sprints, and a whitewater slalom event. Brandon, ... more

Top 10 Characteristics of a Dirt Bag Boater

by JASON SHREDER. What is a dirt bag kayaker? Am I one? Do I know any? What characteristics define the role of a true dirt bag kayaker? Trust me, I have absolutely nothing against dirt bag kayakers because if I... more

Kayaking Safety Gear – River Shoes and More

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Preventing Shoulder Injuries When Kayaking

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Time to Lose It On the Lochsa River

By JASON SHREDER. The Lochsa hands down is one of the best rivers in the world and I don’t know of anyone out there that would disagree. It has miles and miles of class III-IV rapids, epic surf waves, sweet ... more

Memorial Day Self-Support Kayaking

By JASON SHREDER. Early last week, I got a group email about someone looking do to a self-support kayak trip. Self-Support kayak trips bring out the minimalist in kayakers because you can only bring what you c... more

Paddle Boarding Versus Kayaking

By JASON SHREDER. Don’t worry, I still love kayaking but I’m having fun stinking at a new sport. Recently, I have been Stand Up Paddle Boarding quite a bit and I’m loving it.... more

Go with the Flow and Get in the Know

By JASON SHREDER. Water is powerful and is many times underestimated by people. The river is constantly changing and sometimes is unforgiving and demanding. Please remember to be prepared this season. Get ... more

12th Annual Best in the West Freestyle Kayak Competition

MAKE IT MISSOULA MOMENT: 12th Annual Best in the West Freestyle Kayak Competition--a fundraiser for the MAX WAVE.... more

Kayakers – One Big Family

By JASON SHREDER. No matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through, who you’re with, or how good you are, the river is a common ground. We all kayak for different reasons and that’s ok. ... more

The Selway River: A Preseason Kayaking Treat

By JASON SHREDER. The Selway is an epic river trip. It’s a wild and scenic river and is considered by many to be one of the premier wilderness floats in the lower 48. It’s a tough river to get a permit fo... more

Youth Kayaking

By JASON SHREDER. The future of whitewater kayaking, and most other sports lies in the hands of the youth. The younger generation of kayakers keep pushing the limits of kayaking and are discovering what is pos... more

Old Dawgs, New Tricks

By JASON SHREDER. Last weekend I drove over to the Lochsa River, one of my all time favorites. It was a classic Lochsa weekend, rainy, snowy, with an occasional beam of sunshine. The crowd, mostly from Misso... more

Kayaking Essentials

By JASON SHREDER. I remember when I first started I had an old paddle, a spray skirt with a hole in it, a nerdy looking Pro-Tec helmet, nose plugs so tight I could barely talk, and some other pieces of gear t... more

Are You Drawn or Driven?

By JASON SHREDER. I have been kayaking for 10 years now. In those 10 years I have spent a lot of time on the water. 8 out of those 10 years I have spent over 200 plus days each year on the river. To say the ... more

Montana Natural History Center

The Montana Natural History Center helps cultivate the understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of nature through education. With a variety of programs for all ages, the Center helps both children a... more