12th Annual Best in the West Freestyle Kayak Competition

What is a “Make it Missoula Moments”?  It’s our way of giving a shout out to worthwhile NON-PROFITS and their events and happenings around Missoula.  If your non-profit organization has an event that you’d like to submit for consideration, contact us here.

May 14th, at Brennan’s Wave and Caras Park, from 12:00-7:30 PM

Last summer Missoula was packed with amazing events.  Best in the West and US Team Trials put Missoula on the map last summer, being recognized as not only a great whitewater destination but a great community as well.  In the past, our local and national sponsors have helped make BIW an awesome event.

This year the focus is to host another great event but raise money and awareness for The Max Wave, a proposed river enhancement project in downtown Missoula. Any donation to the event is appreciated.

Some cost associated with the event are:  Caras Park rental, insurance, marketing, sound system, judges, food for volunteers, prizes for athletes, and custom belt buckles for the men’s and women’s winner.

The event will be held at Brennan’s Wave, right next to Caras Park where the 3rd annual Localfest will be taking place as well.  With both events combined, we are expecting several thousand people.

For more information, contact Jason Shreder with Zoo Town Surfers.