Boat Maintenance for Beginners: The Only Guide You Need

There are certain things you should know and do when it comes to boat maintenance. You should check out our guide here to learn more.

How much does it cost to maintain a boat? According to Bloomberg, the annual cost of boat maintenance is about 10% of the boat’s value. Whether you’re building a new boat or your old boat needs a new boat gas tank, your local boat supply manufacturer builds custom boat fuel tank and other boat supplies to fulfill your needs.

If you fail to keep your boat in good shape, don’t be surprised if you spend more than the estimated value.

This piece is a comprehensive guide on the correct way to maintain your boat. If you’re new to boating, this piece is all you need to keep your boat in its optimum for a very long time. Veteran boating enthusiasts may also do with a refresher course on boat maintenance.

How to Properly Maintain Your Boat for Optimal Performance and to Look Gorgeous

You’re probably wondering what type of boat we’re talking about. Well, these maintenance tips apply across the board.

So it doesn’t matter whether you own a pontoon, a cabin cruiser, or a sailboat, the guide still applies. We’ll highlight both how to keep your engine working like a charm and the best exterior maintenance practices. Let’s get straight to it.

1. Ensure Your Exterior Is Clean

If you adopt an outside to the inside approach to maintaining your boat, then the exterior is what you have to tackle first. There’s not much to cleaning your boat’s exterior, but you need to do it diligently and properly.

You don’t clean the boat just to have it looking shiny and brand new. There are many reasons why regularly cleaning your boat is important.

First, water bodies are rife with invasive species looking to make your boat their new home. Invasive species are plants or animals that want to belong where they don’t. They cling onto your boat and establish their new colony in your area’s lake.

Remember, you’re not cleaning the boat just for you; you’re protecting an entire water body’s ecology. Invasive species have wreaked havoc in American waters for a good long time.

Of course, you can only achieve a spotless exterior with the best boat cleaning supplies. Your house mop, bathroom brush, and liquid detergent probably won’t do such a great job.

2. Pay Attention to the Engine

It makes no sense to neglect your engine, but you’d be surprised how many folks do so. You can’t fish or show off your boat if the engine doesn’t work. Failure to properly maintain your engine is the primary cause of engine failure.

Engine maintenance isn’t rocket science, but if you’re new to boating, here’s how to keep your engine in the right shape:-

  • Check the oil levels and inspect any leaks or anything that seems unusual
  • Check for any wear and tear on the hoses and lines
  • Grease all moving parts

In case you notice anything suspicious, call your local boat repairman as soon as you can. You also might want to hold off taking the boat for a spin for a while. Getting spare boat batteries is also recommended so you’re prepared in case your battery suddenly fails.

3. Always Flush the Engine

Most of you know it is important to flush the engine, but just don’t do it. Sometimes it seems like too much of a hassle, or you just forget to do it.

The one thing about sailing through salty water is that you, later on, have to deal with crystallized salt particles. The crystallization becomes evident when you dock your boat and the water dries out leaving salt crystals.

These salt crystals may damage the moving components of your engine. It’s not only the crystals you flush out. You also get rid of any muck or waste that may interfere with the engine’s functioning.

Remember, use only freshwater to flush your engine. Salty water beats the point of flushing your engine in the first place. You’re pretty lucky if your boat has an inbuilt flushing system, but read the manual before you get to the flushing.

4. Properly Store Your Boat

Most people’s boats are in storage than they are in the water. Even if this doesn’t describe you, you still have to pay attention to your boat storage. 

When your boat isn’t out conquering the waves, it needs a safe place to rest it sails. A good storage area protects your boat from weather-related damage. Also, to keep mold and mildew at bay, you need to store your boat properly.

For boat storage, you can consider outdoor storage. This method is pretty popular because it doesn’t require much work. Plus, you don’t have to take down the mast of your sailboat.

Shrinkwrapping is the best method to store your boat outside. However, remember to get a professional shrink-wrapper, or it won’t be as effective.

For inside storage, you store your boat in a garage as it protects it from rain and intense sun. If you don’t have a garage, you can always consider renting a boat storage unit.

Proper Boat Maintenance Is Worth the Effort

Your boat deserves your love and care for all those beautiful moments on the sea or lakes. As such, it is your responsibility to maintain your boat properly. Proper boat maintenance isn’t optional; it’s crucial for the smooth operation of your vessel.

Prioritize your engine first, then cleanliness follows after. Make sure you only use boat cleanliness supplies; other household cleaning supplies may do damage to your boat. When it comes to boat storage, explore all options, then settle for the best; not the cheapest.

Follow all this to the letter, and you’ll have a gleaming boat that performs optimally. Share this with all your boating buddies, so they too can conquer the seas and lakes with you.

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