Tourism and Innovation. How Montana is Trying to Get Ahead

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One of the most northerly of the U.S states, and possessing one of the longest borders with Canada, Montana is widely appreciated for its numerous outdoor opportunities, tourist attractions and local culture. From finishing, canoeing, kayaking to hiking and biking, visitors and locals alike have a lot of entertainment opportunities. If you are curious about what this picturesque state has to offer and its future opportunities in this respect, this article is for you. Here is how Montana is trying to get ahead.

Glacier National Park

Montana has lots of tourism potential, and there is no better proof than the Glacier National Park. With over 700 miles of trails for hiking and biking, the 7,700-foot height Logan Pass, the 9,100 feet Reynolds peak, Glacier National Park is a great opportunity for outdoor fun both for hiking veterans and rookies. When you feel like taking a break, you can take a well-deserved rest by one of the over 130 lakes, and then get lost in the densely populated wildlife park.

Discover Missoula

In terms of tourist attractions, there are few more underrated locations than Missoula. Situated along the Clark Fork River in Western Montana, Missoula is often described as the ‘’hub of five valleys’’.

What Missoula lacks in size makes up for the tons of outdoor activities and attractions both in and outside of the city. Parents who want to enjoy some time out with their children can try out the Missoula Carousel (which has a special story of its own) and the Dragon hollow Play Land, which was opened right after the city’s carousel to accommodate the locals during near-perfect Montana Summers.

For people who want to engage in some outdoor activities, Missoula has them covered too. Some attractions include, but are not limited to, the Currents Indoor Waterpark (which is opened year-round), Splash Montana (this one only during the summer) and the MoBASH Skatepark for those who want to hone their skating skills.

These are some of the many things Missoula has to offer, so people who want to see Montana at its best should give this small hamlet a go.

Montana Offers Great Entertainment Centers

Even though gambling is a tricky proposition for people who want to do it in Montana, In terms of legal gambling, Montana offers sports betting, poker, horse racing and lotteries. The list includes gambling, charitable and social (friendly) gambling. Furthermore, there are tons of both classy and affordable casinos to choose from in Montana, from the Gray Wolf Peak Casino in Missoula, Kwataqnuk Resort & Casino in Polson, and the Glacier Peaks Casino (scroll above for more information about Glacier Peak). It is worth mentioning that these examples are outright entertainment centers where people can engage in many other activities that have no link to gambling.

There is a slight drawback to all of this, though. Even though gambling is allowed in special spaces such as casinos, things are different outside their premises. Playing poker at home is allowed as long as you do not make a profit – so ad-hoc social games that do not render profits are exempt from all gambling laws.

However, things change when it comes to online gambling in Montana. Under Montana laws, any type of online gambling, whether it be roulette, poker or craps is illegal. On the other hand, with the recent initiatives to legalize sports betting throughout the country and the outright cultural and perception shift that has occurred in the last few years, things are bound to change in the northerly state.

West Yellowstone

Yellowstone is one of the tourist cornerstones of America. When it was first opened at the end of the 19th century, tourists flocked to see the incredible natural landscapes. The gateway to the park, called West Yellowstone, has gradually become a settlement of its own, hosting over 1200 residents.

If you want to see what Montana has to offer in terms of wildlife, this is the perfect and safest place to start. Consider checking out the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre to see the magnificent wolves and grizzly bears and other Montana predators. Once you feel like taking a break from Montana’s wildlife, West Yellowstone has a lot of dining halls, crafts rooms and even an IMAX Theatre. There is no better proof of Montana’s potential and talent for diversification than West Yellowstone.


In terms of tourism opportunities and activities, Montana is one of the best and at the same time underrated destinations. Nobody can blame Montana for a lack of diversity, as it offers a little bit of everything for everyone, from beautiful natural landscapes, fancy and affordable casinos to good restaurants and crafts rooms. These things, and many others, stand as living proof that Montana is at the peak of tourism innovation.