Creative Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Missoula Home

Last year, American homeowners spent a record amount of over $300 billion on home improvements and with this figure steadingly on the increase, we’re unlikely to stop splashing the cash on our homes. Improvements can not only add value to a property but also provide us with little extras to make a home even more perfect. If your home in Missoula is filled with missed storage options and you’re left wondering where you can put everything without cluttering up your home, then consider some creative ideas to add extra room. Whether you’re looking to move to Missoula or relocating to the locality, here’s some useful ways to maximize a space to its full potential.

Expand your outdoor space

If your garage is looking like its fit to burst and you’re looking for ways to maximize your outdoor space to store your outdoor equipment, tools, bikes or whatever else you have lurking inside, consider adding a shed with a loft for strategic storage. Instead of cramming everything onto shelves and into cupboards, having a custom made shed installed, particularly one with loft space, can open up to an even bigger area. While a shed is perfect for storage or incorporating a studio, having a loft above means you can also have room for guests staying over too!

Be creative with closets

Although there are ways to declutter your home, sometimes we never seem to get round to doing it. Having closet organizers and shelving installed will actually create more space and have everything ordered exactly where you can find them. The only work you have to do is rearrange the area to add clothes, books or home supplies so that they’re easily accessible. Consider the purpose of the closet, for example, if it’s in a bedroom, you may want to add hanging rods instead of shelves to maximize the space.

Make the most of small spaces

When you look around your home in Missoula, think about how you can be inventive with the spaces that you already have. Can you maximize storage space by putting shelving above doorways or windows? If there’s enough space, consider having a bespoke shelving unit in your bedroom or living area which can be designed to fit your home perfectly. Similarly, look underneath for seeking out extra storage space. Is it possible to add drawers under a bed or sofa? This easily can free up room for bedding, shoes, or anything else!

Regardless of how small or large your Missoulian home is, everyone could do with the extra space around the home. The trick is to find where you can best maximize the space you have and adapt it to suit your home, and everything you have inside it!