Why You Should Try Kayak Fishing In Missoula

Are you considering a trip to Missoula, Montana? In that case, you are in for various recreational activities that take you outdoors. These activities vary from kayak fishing, surfing, or paddling in its many lakes, creeks, or rivers to hiking through forests this side of the Rocky Mountains. All these are on top of visiting historical sites, shopping and enjoying the nightlife!  

Kayak fishing, in particular, can be relaxing as it takes you to amazing waters and sceneries. Moreover, it is safe and has few regulations that can cut into the fun of a vacation. That said, below are reasons why you should try kayak fishing in Missoula.

It Is One Of Missoula’s Simple Pleasures 

If you love fishing, you will appreciate how kayaks can make their way quietly through shallow waters alongside sedge grass. At the same time, you can have the best position where the fish can take the bait. These spots are inaccessible for fishing to the bigger, more expensive boats. 

Unlike anglers who fish from a boat that requires insurance, maintenance, and fuel, among other expenses, kayak fishing is way simpler. And there lies its inherent appeal—it is relatively inexpensive, a breeze when loading onto and from your vehicle, gives you a good workout, and allows you to spend a day in the water in a truly laidback way.   

You don’t need to be experienced to enjoy it. Moreover, preparing for your adventure is super easy. You can fish in parks or tributaries where motorized crafts are not allowed. Unlike boats, kayaks can launch practically from anywhere and weave through logs so that you can get closer to fish within casting reach.   

Kayak Fishing Has Its Safety And Regulations 

Over here, you can purchase sturdy kayaks like those from the popular Hobie brand with the features anglers are looking for. Stability, easy maneuverability, ample storage for angler equipment, and amenities like Global Positioning System (GPS), depth finder, transducer, icebox, and fish finder make kayak fishing safe and convenient.  

There’s a model to suit your budget. Even if you don’t go for the top-of-the-line one, you are assured of safety and quality because Hobie kayaks include the Mirage Drive system. With this system, the rudder or fins fold up when you touch the bottom. This allows carefree navigation among the kelp, logs, and even rocks, so you can practically glide through skinny waters that are unreachable by bigger boats.  

When purchasing a fishing license, non-residents and residents can buy an angler Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass (AISPP). Non-residents using a kayak must also have a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass.  

New kayaks don’t need to be inspected but must have a pass; otherwise, they must pass inspection for invasive species. Kayaks that had passed inspection in Idaho or Wyoming can skip the inspection. Moreover, don’t forget to use your United States-approved wearable life jacket, whistle, and gear that make the outdoors safer.  

Spots In Missoula Perfect For Kayak Fishing 

Kayak fishing is perfect for calmer waters like bays or inlets. When going for freshwater fishing, lakes are usually perfect but when angling in rivers, pick a spot where the currents don’t run wild and are unpredictable. 

Fish in rivers are native or introduced and can be in warm or cold water. The Clark Fork River drains most of the Rocky Mountains and runs through Montana and Idaho. The river is scenic and is home to trout, bass, catfish, minnow, perch, pike, sunfish, sculpin, sucker, and others. These are similar to fish found in other rivers and tributaries like Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Rock Creek. 

Lake Fishing will take you to the more tranquil and predictable waters of Georgetown Lake, home to trout, minnow, and sucker. Furthermore, the view from nearby lakes like Flatland Lake, Seeley Lake, Placid Lake State Park, and Salmon State Park is breathtaking from sunrise to sundown. A must-see when in Missoula! 

There’s More Than Fishing In Missoula 

Missoula is a haven for outdoor types, and one of the spots worth exploring is Mount Sentinel, the mountain with a huge ‘M’ on it that stands for the University of Montana. Once you reach the top, enjoy a panoramic view of the town, the campus, and the Bitterroot Mountains.    

Depending on the weather, you can mix your love for kayak fishing with other activities like hiking, rafting, snowmobiling wildlife watching any time of the year, and other popular activities. It’s also perfect for catching some art, culture, and history at the Missoula Art Museum, which focuses on contemporary art and the traditional Historical Museum at Fort Missoula.  


Kayak fishing is unforgettable in Missoula because of the scenery, abundance of fish, and other recreational activities to enjoy in this historical place. At Missoula, it’s not just the fish that makes your day—the real bait of the place is the fun of it all when you bite!