Catching some air

You don't have to be a daredevil to enjoy snow skiing in Missoula. Here, it only takes a 20 minute drive to get you from your cereal bowl to Snowbowl.

Snow Skiing & Snowboarding

Dreams of skiing or snowboarding through fresh powder can easily become a reality with four amazing and affordable ski areas nearby.

A short 20-minute drive from downtown Missoula is Snowbowl Ski Area. Both skiers and snowboarders enjoy a continuous vertical drop of 2,600 feet—one of the steepest in the nation.

This acclaimed local ski area also hosts the annual Snowbowl Cup Gelande Championship which features spectacular ski jumping of up to 200 feet using alpine equipment. The jumpers fly off a narrow drop between two cliffs just above the Grizzly chairlift.  The event attracts national media as well as jumpers from all over the United States.

For those willing to travel up to 100 miles, Discovery Basin (east) Lookout Pass (west), and Lost Trail (south) ski areas all feature fantastic terrain for all skill levels… and the views are nothing short of spectacular. The drive to each is gorgeous, too!

If you’re looking for a resort setting, a 250 mile trek to the southeast takes you to renowned Big Sky Montana. Or, just 150 miles north leads to Whitefish Mountain Resort, a favorite ski destination for Western Montanans and Canadians.

If adventure off the beaten path is more to your liking, look into back country skiing at Lolo Peak. You’ll also find an abundance of groomed cross-country trails and countless miles of snowmobiling terrain within an hour’s drive of the city.

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Winter Carnival at Marshall Mountain Feb 6

By BECKY GOODRICH-Join Parks and Recreation for the second annual Winter Carnival at Marshall Mountain on Saturday, February 6, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ... more

Great Style Never Gets Old

By DILLON TABISH-Maggie Voisin, one of the nation’s best slopestyle skiers, is back on snow and stronger than ever.... more

Mount Jumbo Wildlife Closure Begins December 1

By BECKY GOODRICH-Most of Mount Jumbo closes to recreational use during the winter months to protect wintering elk. Read more about the closures areas.... more

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Snow or No Snow: Parks and Rec Hosts Winter Carnival at Marshall Mountain

Snow or no snow, Parks and Rec is hosting the first annual Marshall Mountain Winter Carnival on Sun., Feb. 22 at Marshall Mountain, from 10-4 pm.... more

Small Town Seeley Lake Working to Create a Big Nordic Ski Vision

By MARK VOSBURG - Inspired by the birth of the Maine Winter Sports Center, a group of Seeley Lake (population 1,659) residents formed the Seeley Lake Regional Outdoor Center for Kinetic Sports (ROCKS).... more

Winter Carnival and Snow Races at Marshall Mountain

Join Missoula Parks & Rec for the first annual Marshall Mountain Winter Carnival and Snowshoe/Ski Races on Sat., Feb. 22 at Marshall Mountain, from 10-4 p.m.... more

Citizens Urged to Call 911 to Report Mount Jumbo Trespassers

Parks & Rec Reminder: Mount Jumbo is closed for the winter and with the new snowfall Avalanche Danger is HIGH. Cititzens are urged to call 911 to report Trespassers.... more

The Flathead Valley: A Nordic Oasis

By TRISTAN SCOTT - As downhill ski areas open for the season in Northwest Montana, the allure of the chairlift can eclipse the abundant Nordic ski trails that wind through the region.... more

Whitefish Mountain Resort Opens New Terrain for New Season

By JUSTIN FRANZ - After years of planning, new Flower Point Chairlift opened on Big Mountain.... more

Warren Miller WWII Ski Trooper Documentary Premieres in Missoula Dec. 7

Warren Miller's Documentary, “Climb to Glory” tells the story of the 10th Mountain Division and how the Greatest Generation shaped the ski industry. It Premiers at the Top Hat Lounge on Dec. 7.... more

New Chairlift Installed on Back Side of Big Mountain

By DILLON TABISH - The latest expansion at Whitefish Mountain Resort is coming together as crews finish installing the Flower Point Chair Lift.... more

A Wild Idea: Celebrating 50 Years of the Wilderness Act

By TRISTAN SCOTT-Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, advocates look toward the future... more

Hamilton Native Tony Neaves Shares His Paralympic Experience

By MARK VOSBURGH - When Nancy Stevens moved to Summit County, Colo., 21 years ago, her guide dog kept bringing her to the door of the same shop. Blind since birth, Stevens, 52, finally went inside. ... more

Warren Miller: Knee Deep Powder

By WARREN MILLER - When I produced my first ski movie, there were fewer than 15 chairlifts in the world. Everyone who went in the ski business during the following 25 years was a real innovator.... more

Take Your Kids Skiing

By WARREN MILLER - I was able to teach all three of my kids how to enjoy the scenery and the freezing cold mountain air and somehow they are still skiing 50-plus years later. I hope you give your kids the same ... more

Next Stop Sochi for Whitefish’s Voisin

By DILLON TABISH - Whitefish's Maggie Voisin builds momentum for Winter Olympics where she will be considered a top contender.... more

Whitefish Native Maggie Voisin Tabbed for Winter Games

Whitefish native and 15-year-old freeski phenom Maggie Voisin will round out the U.S. Olympic Freeskiing roster after being awarded the coaches’ discretionary spot Tuesday afternoon.... more

‘Inspiration’ Tops CNN’s List of Worlds Best Ski Runs

A CNN featuring the “World’s Best Ski Runs,” ranked “Inspiration” at Whitefish Mountain Resort No. 20 on its list of 100 best ski runs. It's the only Montana run in the top 100.... more

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Is Roller Skiing For The Rest of Us?

By MARK VOSBURGH -Elite Nordic racers and Olympic hopefuls train on roller skis during the off season, but are roller skis for us mere mortals and recreational skiers?... more

Dean Cummings’ “Chugach” Film Screening & Steep Life Protocols

Legendary ski mountaineer Dean Cummings' presents his Steep Life Protocols--a sensible approach to mitigating risk in the mountain environment and avoiding avalanches.... more

3rd Annual Ride for Tanner Rail Jam Nov 9 in Caras Park

FYI - Rail Jam to Benefit the Tanner Olson BMX Park in Downtown Missoula happens on November 9 from 4-10 pm at Caras Park. Be there or Be Square!... more

Missoula Premier of Sherpas Cinema’s “Into the Mind” Oct 10th

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - Ski movie season is in full swing and Sherpas Cinema's "Into the Mind" is easily the most anticipated ski film of the season.... more

Warren Miller: Montana Skiing

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Ski with the Legendary Glen Plake at Discovery on Monday

Infamous for his extreme skiing and trademark mohawk, Glen Plake will shred with locals on Monday, Jan. 14, from 12:30-3 p.m. at Discovery Ski Area near Philipsburg. ... more

Ski Season Kicks Off This Weekend in Northwest Montana

By DILLON TABISH - Contrary to outward appearances, ski season is arriving in Northwest Montana. Whitefish Mountain Resort confirmed Wednesday that the mountain will open Saturday, Dec. 8. ... more

The 2nd Annual Ride for Tanner Rail Jam in Caras Park

This Saturday, Nov. 3, the 2nd annual Ride for Tanner Rail Jam will bring big air and big fun to Caras Park. All proceeds go to benefit the construction of a new BMX park.... more

Whitefish Mountain Resort Earns Best Ranking Ever in Nationwide Survey

By DILLON TABISH - Whitefish Mountain Resort earns best ranking ever in a nationwide survey by readers of SKI Magazine.... more

Missoulians Gather in a Spiritual Plea for Snow!

By MARK VOSBURGH - The fine folks at the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation are throwing an epic Pray for Snow Party at Caras Park on Friday, Oct. 5.... more

Step Up and Throw Down: The Cold Smoke Freeride 2012

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - On March 24, UMEM and Backcountry Racks & Skis hosted the first annual Cold Smoke Freeride Competition at Lost Trial Powder Mountain.... more

Photo Gallery: Backcountry Skiing at Downing Mountain Lodge

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - Downing Mountain Lodge near Hamilton has everything for the perfect ski trip: Deep snow, great accommodations, and killer backcountry skiing.... more

Photo Gallery: 2012 Ski & Snowboard Gear Tradeshow Wrap-Up

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - Every year, the ski industry gathers in Denver for the Snowsports Industry of America tradeshow. Check out the gear that'll be on tap in 2012-13!... more

Skiers worship “epic” powder Sunday on Lolo Pass, Whitefish Mountain

By PAUL QUENEAU - Lolo Pass, Whitefish Mountain and several other locations are busy marking one of the great powder days of recent times.... more

Meet the Toughest Skiier in the Seeley Lake Nordic Ski Race

By MARK VOSBURGH - For me, this year's Over Seeley's Creeks and Ridges race was unforgettable, thanks to adaptive skier Liz Ann Kudrna.... more

Missoula and Surrounding Valleys Anticipate a New Storm

By PAUL QUENEAU - A winter storm is expected to hit the Missoula, Bitterroot, Mission, and Flathead valleys with high winds and heavy mountain snow on Wednesday.... more

Missoula Story of the Week: Bitterroot Ski Resort

By TOM DIDDEL - A recap of this week's most talked-about story in Missoula. This week, it's the proposed Bitterroot Ski Resort and the upcoming auction of Maclay Ranch.... more

Montana Skiing Decisions? Choose Wisely, Grasshopper.

By MARK VOSBURGH - If, like me, you have Split Ski Loyalties Syndrome, you faced a lot of choices last week. Last week's cornucopia of ski options reminded me how great it is to live in Missoula.... more

The Big Snow Cometh: Schools Closed, 30 inches at Lost Trail

By PAUL QUENEAU - Missoula awoke this morning a foot of snow and flakes still falling. Here are the latest snowfall reports from around Western Montana.... more

The Big Storm: A Foot of Snow in Town by Friday?

By PAUL QUENEAU - It appears that winter might make up for lost time. The National Weather Service is calling for two inches overnight Tuesday followed by as much a foot in the valley by Thursday morning.... more

I’ll Take a Pass. No. Really. I’ll Take a Pass, PLEASE?

By W.T. FUCHS - Local skier Jim Sylvester became a household name in Missoula overnight. He was on the front page of the paper yesterday, mad as hell for being denied a Snowbowl ski pass.... more

Work at a Ski Resort

By WARREN MILLER. Are you a recent college grad? Need a job? Google the “want ads” of all the major ski resorts in America. What’s wrong with working at night and skiing or snowboarding all day for a w... more

Considering the Light and Dark of Backcountry Skiing

By MARK VOSBURGH - It's easy for me to gush about backcountry skiing. But I've come to believe that skiing has a dark side that exists regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it.... more

Early Season Skiing: First Turns of the Year at Lolo Pass

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - It was hard to image a better ski day, considering that it was my first day on skis since May. I was jealous of the stories of great early-season skiing. It was time to make some turns of m... more

Winter Kayaking Motivation: Don’t Hesitate, Just Go!

By JASON SHREDER - The ultimate winter day is going to Snowbowl in the morning and surfing Brennan’s Wave in the afternoon. How many places can you do that?... more

Missoula Cross-Country and Nordic Skiing – Big Things Happening!

By MARK VOSBURGH - Big things are happening in Missoula's cross-country and Nordic ski scene. There are BIG opportunities for great XC/Nordic skiing on our local trails due to the efforts of our area ski clubs.... more

Ski Gear Review: MFD All Time Touring Bindings

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - With their All Time touring binding, MFD has combined what we love about alpine bindings and touring bindings. We’ve been waiting for this. ... more

Photo Gallery: The Beginnings of Winter in Missoula

By PAUL QUENEAU - Could the mountains above Missoula see 40 inches by this weekend? The snow might not have stuck much to the valley floor, but the mountains are eating it up.... more

Storm Bears Down – Prelude to a 2011 Monster Montana Winter?

By PAUL QUENEAU - [Photo Gallery] - Late tonight, a powerful cold front will sweep across western Montana. Could we be in for a repeat of last year's epic winter weather?... more

Fall – A Season to Anticipate Winter – and Skiing!

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - (VIDEOS) There's nothing quite like fall in Montana. Fall is the perfect transition to winter, our favorite season.... more

Snowbowl Set to Expand, Make Public Freestyle Terrain Park

By BILLIE LOEWEN - Montana Snowbowl ski area is preparing to expand their terrain park to bring freestyle skiing in western Montana to new heights.... more

Mouthwatering Bloody Mary at Last Run Inn

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Fresh powder means one-and-a-half things in Missoula, hitting the slopes at Montana Snowbowl and finishing the day with a slice of wood-fired pizza and a famous mouthwatering Bloody Mary at La... more

Take a Hike

The seemingly endless hiking and backpacking opportunities in and around Missoula offer thousands of miles of trails in wilderness areas, Forest Service lands, and BLM lands. Information on hiking in the bac... more