Videos: Non-Stop Fun on Skis with a Two-Year-Old


We took our son skiing for the first time last winter at Lost Trail.

I picked up some gear at the SOS Ski Swap in the fall. He has boots that are too big for him, and 67cm skis, which are the perfect size. He loves snow and rarely gets cold. The only problem was that he was only 21 1/2 months old. He was probably too young and we didn’t want to push him into a bad experience.

But the thought of waiting another year to put him on skis wasn’t pleasant. We love to ski so we figured, why not? If he hates it, we will stop and try another time.

I started skiing at the age of eight. I had to wait until my brother was five, so we could learn together and all go skiing as a family. I never learned to snowplow. What I mean is, I didn’t learn to ski using the snowplow, or leashes, or anything to hold my tips together. I just learned how to ski straight and fast.

When I wanted to stop, I fell over. Not ideal, but I learned how to fall without getting hurt.

We teach what we know, so that’s how I taught our son to ski. No snowplow and no learning aides.

Keep in mind that this was his first time in his ski boots and his first time on skis. He knows what skis are and he has skied on my back before, but never on his own.

The fearless Asher, skiing at Lost Trail

He absolutely loved it! He was literally laughing the entire time. He picked it up immediately. Well, he actually fell after only a few feet, but he laughed and got right back up and asked to “Go Fast.” Which he did, again and again. It was the perfect ski day.

That Saturday at Lost Trail went so well that we went to Snowbowl the very next day. Expectations were still a little low. He may not like it on Sunday. He may not improve.

Wrong. He loved it even more and skied more runs. He was still laughing and having a blast. And so were we. No pizza for this kid. Just french fries.

I don’t know if I have ever been so happy or proud (though our wedding day and his birth immediately come to mind).

Last winter didn’t shape up like we all hoped it would, but watching my boy ski was one of the greatest ski days of my life. I can’t wait for the next one.

Just for fun, here are some new videos of Asher skiing Snowbowl a few weeks ago on the day after Christmas:


Skiing Snowbowl, from a 3-foot-high viewpoint:



Asher skiing Snowbowl with bonus adorable singing!




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Travis Goodkind is the owner of the Missoula business Backcountry Racks & Skis. The Vermont native moved out west after college 10 years ago in pursuit of bigger mountains and has never left. He spends his free time exploring Montana’s mountains, trails, and rivers with wife Julie, son Asher, and black lab Pika. Check out his blog, Backcountry Freeskier, for more powdery goodness.