Dean Cummings’ “Chugach” Film Screening & Steep Life Protocols

Legendary ski mountaineer Dean Cummings’ is coming to Missoula to present his Steep Life Protocols, a sensible approach to mitigating risk in the mountain environment and avoiding avalanches with practical terrain management.  You won’t want to miss this educational experience.  There will also be time for Q & A.

After Dean’s presentation, we will premiere The Steep Life “Chugach,” which documents a lifetime of first-descents while skiing in Alaska.

This is an opportunity for Montana skiers, snowboarders, and other mountain travelers to learn Dean’s approach to staying safer in the mountains and avoiding avalanches through practical terrain management.  Dean refined the Steep Life Protocols during his last 24 years of guiding in the Chugach Range of Alaska, Wasatch Range of Utah, and Andes Mountains of South America, and pioneering thousands of first descents in mountains all over the world.  Steep Life Protocols empowers skiers and snowboarders of all abilities to elevate their skills to a higher level and take control of their destinies in mountain environments.

Dean Cummings’ Steep Life Protocols is grounded on practical terrain management for skiers, snowboarders, and other mountain travelers who travel in avalanche terrain.  Dean teaches and illustrates through his knowledge and experiences:

  • On-the-go snow assessment from the top down
  • Constant visual-verbal communication with partner
  • Skiing/riding safe zone to safe zone until totally clear of potential avalanche paths
  • Skiing/riding ridgelines, apexes and high points
  • Avoiding convex/concave terrain, chutes and gullies, unsupported slopes, and steeps to flats
  • 3 strikes methodology – identify potential avalanche warning signs and decide when to move to safer locations or call it off and head to the bar.
  • How to dig quick pits

View “Chugach” film trailer

When:  Monday November 4, 6-8pm

Where:  UMT Urey Underground Lecture Hall

Admission is free!


Sponsored by:

  • Backcountry Racks & Skis
  • MissoulaAvalanche Center
  • Omnibar
  • UMT Outdoor Rec Program

This is a truly unique event that you won’t want to miss.  Hope to see you all there.