Top 5 Vacation Destinations This Winter

Traveling during the winter is something that many individuals and families make the decision to do. It could be to escape from the cold if they live in more chilly areas or as a way of taking a break and relaxing. It’s possible that you have plans of escaping to a nice destination this winter but are thinking about the best place to go. The good thing is that there are numerous places to choose from, so it’s likely going to be a process of elimination for you. To help point you in the right direction, read up about the top five vacation destinations to consider this winter.

Whitefish, Montana

If you want to feel the magic of winter, one ideal place to go is to Whitefish Montana. This is a beautiful destination to visit during the winter seeing as you can enjoy scenic views of the mountains.

In this quaint ski town, you’d get to experience the ski resort on Big Mountain or you could look towards vacation rentals in Whitefish if you want a home away from home. Another bonus is that this offers a chance to partake in some skiing if you’ve never done so before. For those who enjoy festivals, there’s a winter festival that features a niche sport called skijoring which you may find interesting.

Honolulu Oahu

For those trying to escape the cold, island beaches may sound like a perfect idea for a winter destination. In this case, Oahu is ideal because there is an array of beaches that you can visit. Another reason Oahu is a great place to go for winter is that it has low humidity during this period and can be awesome for surfing if that’s something you’re interested in. Also, you can enjoy cultural and historic sites like Iolani Palace which is a 10-room historic house and museum that details the reigns of Hawaii’s final monarchs.


If you aren’t afraid of the cold weather, Rome is another stunning winter destination that may be worth trying. Enjoy the renowned cuisine of Italy in this stunning, romantic city, and get some sight-seeing in too.

Top Tips:

  • Try and visit iconic sites like Trevi Fountain and throw coins in for good luck when it comes to love
  • The Pantheon, a former Roman temple, is now a present-day church and certainly an attraction to add to your list
  • Be sure to check out the top art galleries and museums to visit such as Museum Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo


Africa is another superb continent to visit during the winter. Blessed with relatively warm weather, it has so much to offer in terms of nature, landscapes, and safaris. Tanzania, in particular, has a stunning National Park filled with migrating wildebeest and zebras. You could also choose to hike up the famous Mount Kilimanjaro if you enjoy adventure and views.


Another culturally rich destination that could be enchanted this winter is Japan. The possibilities are endless as you could find snow monkeys in Nagano hot springs as well as experience bright and colorful festivals. The snow festival, in particular, will have night-lit snow structures and giant snow slides. If you go during the winter, you’re likely to have a different and enjoyable experience.

Winter can be a great period to go on vacation. It’s close to the holiday season and is towards the end of the year, meaning you have enough time to reflect. However, choosing the right place is key so that you’re able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. The tips above should help or at least give you some ideas that you can build on.