You don't always need a 9-iron to golf in Misoula. Frisbee Golf is a popular form of recreation in the Garden City for those of you who may not be so adept with a club.

Frisbee Golf

It may not be specifically unique to Missoula, but our community has lots of avid frisbee golf, or “folf,” fans.

What is “folf?” It’s played like golf but with frisbees (or golf discs) instead of golfballs. The swing of the club is replaced by a skilled frisbee arm and adept wrist action. And, instead of putting the ball into a hole, frisbees get pitched toward metal stands with the hope of landing in the basket.

There are several frisbee golf courses in Missoula. Courses at Blue Mountain, Pattee Canyon, Snowbowl, Frenchtown, and the UM Campus offer area folfers a wide array of different terrain on which to throw the disc.

If you’d like to meet other frisbee golfers in the area, check out the Garden City Flyers Disc Golf Club.

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