Paddle Boarding Versus Kayaking


I’m always down to try new stuff.  I don’t think I’ll ever be content just doing one thing.  Maybe I’m a bit selfish but life is too short to live the same way your whole life and not be open to new experiences.

Variety is the spice of life.  Yes in some ways we are all “set in our ways” and enjoy a certain rhythm or pattern in our daily lives.

For instance, I stumble out of bed each morning with my eyes half shut to get my first cup of coffee.  Recently, I have been Stand Up Paddle Boarding (we call it SUPing) quite a bit and I’m loving it.

Don’t worry, I still love kayaking but I’m having fun stinking at a new sport at the age of 32.  One of the reasons why I’m SUPing more is because many of my close kayak buddies are SUPing. Either way, it’s all about having fun.

You know when you’re working hard or practicing something forever and it finally clicks?  Don’t you love that feeling?   It’s like, wow, now I get it. Maybe I should give myself some credit, right? Then I tell myself, “no”, get back to work, keep practicing and get better.

Brennan’s Wave and Pipeline on the Lochsa have been great for SUPing.  It’s definitely not something you want to try as a beginner but if you’re an experienced river user, then it’s a great time to get out and surf some waves that are too green for kayaks.

I am not encouraging anyone to go by themselves either.  It’s always good to boat or SUP with a buddy.  A good introduction to the sport of SUPing is to head to a local lake or pond.  I recommend Frenchtown Pond or Lake Como.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great “core” workout and is super fun for all ages and ability levels.  Before you hit the river, definitely check in with the local shop or call Zoo Town Surfers for more information regarding river conditions, safety, and proper equipment.

See you on the water!

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