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Maiden Missoula Review: The Montana Chocolate Company

By LEAH LEWIS - Valentine's Day is almost here! The Montana Chocolate Company has hand-dipped milk, dark, and extra-dark bites of goodness for your sweetie.... more

Maiden Missoula Review: The Naked Missoula Calendar

By LEAH LEWIS - This Christmas, support a great cause and get everyone you know the fabulous, slightly scandalous “Missoula: The Way Nature Intended” calendar.... more

Maiden Missoula Review: Powder Tails

By LEAH LEWIS - Ski season is almost here! I know what you’re thinking: My butt's gonna be so wet on the chairlift. Good news! Powder Tails has your backside.... more

Maiden Missoula Review: Whistling Andy Distillery

By LEAH LEWIS - If you are ready to really wow the guests at your next cocktail party or back yard barbeque, pick up a bottle of Hibiscus Coconut Rum from the Whistling Andy Distillery in Bigfork.... more

Maiden Missoula Review: BijaBody Tea

By LEAH LEWIS - Missoula-made BijaBody Tea is delicious, amazingly good, and part of the proceeds go to global programs that help impoverished women.... more

Maiden Missoula Review: Body Basics

By LEAH LEWIS - You might remember Body Basics when it was in the back of Rockin' Rudy's. Now, it's on the Hip Strip, and their soaps and goodies are as fabulous as ever!... more

Maiden Missoula Review: The Art of Good Food

By LEAH LEWIS - The bread, soup, and baking mixes from Missoula-based company The Art of Good Food can be summed up in two words: Easy deliciousness! ... more

Maiden Missoula Review: Zootown Surfers

By LEAH LEWIS. This summer some of the rivers are a little too high and fast for me to be comfortable navigating the Alberton Gorge without some expert advice. So I turned to fellow Make It Missoula blogger a... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Jax Hats

By LEAH LEWIS. I know this may be a shocker, but the Maiden does, in fact, have a bad hair day every so often. Instead of fighting this minor inconvenience I have learned to embrace it, and sometimes even hope... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Zootown Arts Community Center

By LEAH LEWIS. Last week, I offered a few suggestions for my favorite, locally-made wedding gifts from right here in the Garden City. I mentioned the really cool wine-bottle cheese plates from the Zootown Arts... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Made in Missoula Wedding Gifts

By LEAH LEWIS. I had a fabulous question via Facebook last week about where to find a great local wedding gift. Well, wouldn't you know it, the Maiden is gearing up for a trifecta of wedding weekends!... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Flexsolate Gym in a Bag

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula Product Review: FLEXSOLATE FITNESS IN A BAG. If you are one of the many affected by general laziness, gym phobia, running anxiety or what have you there is a company in Missoula... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Dazzle Expressions

By LEAH LEWIS What's a young, hip, crafty, stylish mama supposed to do with her talents when her days revolve around a couple of busy kiddos? Well, if you are the cute-as-a-button Renee Wyman, you take your ... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Eventyr Woodworking

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula Product Review: JEWELRY ORGANIZER. I am so lucky to know so many awesome crafty gals who make very cool jewelry. I have a few favorite pieces that have been made for me or gifte... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Big Dipper Ice Cream

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula Product Review: BIG DIPPER ICE CREAM. If summer ever decides to stick around Missoula for more than a few hours, you know the first place everyone in town will run to is Big Dip... more

Maiden Missoula Product Review: Happy Hoppers

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula Product Review: Happy Hoppers! What's a Happy Hoppers you ask? It's a slip-cover for your Growler that protects your brew from light to avoid ‘skunk beer syndrome’. ... more

Natural Creations: Spectacular Summer Grilling Sauces

By LEAH LEWIS Summertime. We grill. Our dining room table becomes a drop-off for swimsuits and soccer balls and we move all kitchen and eating activities outside. I have harbored a not-so-secret crush o... more

The Clay Studio of Missoula

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula Product Review: The Clay Studio of Missoula.... more

Zoo Town Cutie Booties

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula Product Review: Hand-knit baby booties by Montana Magpies. ... more

Farmer’s Markets . . . Missoula Style

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden-Missoula Product Review: Missoula Farmer's Market. If you live in Missoula or are planning on visiting this summer one thing you are surely looking forward to is the opening of the Farme... more

The Smell of Home, in Missoula Candles

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden-Missoula Product Review: Last Best Candles. As my grass is still more brown, there is a thirty percent chance of snow showers, and the fact that my pedicure is woeful at best, I think I... more

Maiden Missoula: Barney Jette Jewelry

By LEAH LEWIS. One thing the Maiden is very fond of is jewelry! Who doesn't love a little sparkle? The most coveted (yet affordable) jewlery comes from an unassuming little shop on Higgins in Downtown Missou... more

From Rags to Retreads

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula--a Product review of Made-In-Missoula products. Keeping Missoula green is as easy as shopping! Thankfully, several local artists and a local business called RETREAD are bringing... more

Maiden Missoula: Why Drive to Butte for Pasties?

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula--a Product review of Made-In-Missoula products. Even though Missoula does St. Patty's totally right there are some things that Butte just does better. Like pasties...or do they... more

Maiden Missoula: This One’s for the Dogs (and Cats!)

By LEAH LEWIS. An ALL NEW blog that reviews Maiden Missoula (MADE-IN-MISSOULA) products--by a Missoula favorite--Leah Lewis! This week's product review: GO FETCH'S NATURAL DOG COOKIES.... more

Maiden Missoula: The Maiden Voyage!

By LEAH LEWIS. An ALL NEW blog that reviews Maiden Missoula (MADE-IN-MISSOULA) products--by a Missoula favorite--Leah Lewis! Check out her blog to connect you with the essence of all things MISSOULA!... more