Maiden Missoula Review: Body Basics


Ok, it’s time to level with you and confess something I’m not exactly proud of…

As a busy mom (and sometimes lazy mom), showering can often take second to other activities like, oh I don’t know, sleeping! Is that TMI?

I figure I need to make every shower or bath count, and with my tender Irish Skin I need to make sure everything that touches my epidermal layer is safe and natural. But, I love smelling like a lady!

This is why my co-workers are very thankful I shop at Body Basics.

The Body Basics window on Missoula's Hip Strip

If you grew up in Missoula, you probably remember Body Basics back when it was in a tiny shop where the Janette Rankin Peace Center is now, or when it was in the back of Rockin’ Rudy’s. I’ve been moisturizing with Cucumber-Lime Vitamin E lotion for 15 years now!

It is now on the very end of Missoula’s Hip Strip, right across from Hellgate High School. And the new owner, Selena Carlson, has expanded it to include more than just body lotions, soap, bath goodies, and custom perfumes.

If you’ve never been, here is how it works: Choose a lotion, face cream, shower gel, or shampoo, or blend a few or several different formulas to customize a product that suits your skin or hair. Then, you can add a single or blend of fragrance (there are at least 100) if you like.

A selection of Body Basics' custom soaps and body washes

And here is the best part: You buy one bottle. That’s right, one bottle that you have refilled for just a few cents per ounce each time you need more. No more guilt about buying the wrong number plastic that won’t recycle and it’s so cost effective! (I need to see if our Coupon Queen, Erin Turner, is on to this yet!)

So, now that you have found your perfect blend of facial cream and your new custom blended signature scent, Body Basics will also be your go-to girly girl gift shop!

I actually had Selena whip up the most fantastic gift bags for my sister’s bridal shower. She tossed in sparkly lavender shower gel, French milled lavender soap, and bath beads all tied up in perfect little goodie bags, and they were a hit!

She also carries an exclusive line of candles, Bija Body teas, pajamas, chocolates, and more perfect gifts for any of your favorite ladies.

And don’t forget the guys! If your man is like my hubby, he might not be into smelling like an Axe Body Spray ad.

Did I mention the fragrance-free products? I even got my dad some very therapeutic tea tree oil lotion that Selena blended for him for his dry winter skin and he loves it. My teenage daughter, my husband, my dad, mom, and I all use Body Basics products and Selena is very generous with the samples.

Stop by and support a long standing and good-for-you Missoula business. You’ll be glad you did!


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