Maiden Missoula Product Review: Eventyr Woodworking


I am so lucky to know several awesome crafty gals who make very cool jewelry.  I have a few favorite pieces that have been made for me or gifted to me that I wear regularly.  Silver, beaded, turquoise, jade, I have acquired a vast collection!  And as any lady with a penchant for unique wearable art knows, it’s sad to tuck them away in a jewelry box or drawer when you aren’t wearing them.

Well, Ms. Elena Ulev has solved our problem once and for all!  Eventyr Woodworking makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry organizers that are actually a piece of art in themselves, and they organize your jewelry for all to see.

You can find Elena, her hubby Seth and their adorable daughters at the Peoples Market in Downtown Missoula almost every Saturday selling their gorgeous hand-made organizers. You can also check out all their inventory on the Eventyr Woodworking’s Etsy site.

The real advantage of these novel organizers is how they look. Even better, when  filled with your favorite jewelry.  You may be inspired to ‘create’ an art exhibit with your earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Eventyr means “adventure” in Norwegian and browsing the choice of wood and details you are inspired to dream of far away lands and exotic forests.  Elena and Seth sand, stain, and construct every artful frame with painstaking attention to detail.  You can feel the smooth sanded surfaces, the detail of interesting wood grains, and the lovely functionality of the screen insets, perfect for hanging earrings and baubles.


Despite the wanderlust Eventyr may inspire, Seth and Elena are rooted community members who are always helping out with the local school community garden and other neighborhood events.  People like the Ulev family and their growing business is what Makes Missoula such a welcome and thriving city.  Stop by and say ‘hello’ this weekend when you are at the Peoples Market and pick out that spot on your bedroom wall to hang your new piece of art — your very own Eventyr Jewelry organizer!

Just a note…The Ulev Family will be on vacation from the Market this weekend, but will be back next week!  Check out their awesome Etsy site too!

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