Maiden Missoula Review: The Montana Chocolate Company


Photos by Mary Anne Stimpfling

A few of the fabulous confections served up by the Montana Chocolate Company.

A few of the fabulous confections served up by the Montana Chocolate Company.

Valentine’s Daaaayyyy!

Yes, I am singing that. I love, LOVE! V-day! For one reason, because I’m so very lucky to have some lovely people to celebrate with: My handsome husband and my relatively attractive children.

Now I’m a fan of chalky conversation hearts only for decorative uses and their little known off-label use of being an excellent substitute for sidewalk chalk. However, if I’m going to indulge in any unnecessary caloric consumption, it dang well better be chocolate.

Shameful confession time: I have already consumed a holiday’s worth of Montana Chocolate Company goodies. And I’m not done yet!

The tastiest flower we've ever seen.

The tastiest flowers I’ve ever seen.

Hand-dipped, milk, dark, and extra-dark bundles of goodness are ready for your valentine (or yourself – no judging) at the MSO Hub or on their website.

The standard favorites like huckleberry, raspberry, or Double Shot Montana Man Mocha are fantastic! And if you are more adventurous, indulge with Irish Cream or Sultry Passion Pepper with just a little heat.

For this particular February holiday there are some lovely Cowboy and Cowgirl assortments ready for you to pick up, but the Montana Chocolate Company always has a great reason for a treat. Corporate gifts, event party favors, and custom orders are their specialty!

And the newly launched re-designed website is a breeze to navigate and shop.

Of course if you are like me, you want your chocolate as soon as possible, so the nice folks at the MSO Hub downtown always have a full fresh stock of goodies.


Spread the love and share the chocolate this Valentine’s Day!


The Maiden

Mmmm, chocolate. Mmmmmmm, Montana-made chocolate!

Mmmm, chocolate. Mmmmmmm, Montana-made chocolate!


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