Maiden Missoula Product Review: Happy Hoppers


There is an exclusive club in Missoula known as the Zoo City Zymurgists.  This elite force is committed to the art, science, preservation and pure enjoyment of home brewing beer!  Now a days with Kettlehouse, Bayern, Flathead Brewing Co., Tamarack Brewing, Blacksmith Brewing, and so many other great local beers you might forget that for a time before the great beer infusion of the late 90’s Missoulians were at the mercy of Blitz Weinhard and a few other mass production breweries to get their suds fix.

Even though we now have neighborhood brew pubs, great selections at every corner Ole’s market and a wall and a half of hoppy goodness at Orange Street Food Farm, folks like the Zymergists are still perfecting the art of craft beer in garages, laundry rooms, pantries and a few specialty beer kitchens (some people take this VERY seriously).

To support these champions of lagers (these Barons of Brew) some great companies have sprung up in Missoula like the nice couple who saw the need for affordable, convenient, portable light protection during the critical brewing and fermenting process of home brewing.  Say ‘howdy’ to the Hoppy Hugger!  Keeping Homebrew Happy since 2010.

Joel and Laura started the company about a year ago after being frustrated batch after batch of makeshift light blockers for those odd shaped brewing vessels.  Check out the scientific precision of 100% light blocking fabric, zippers, snug pulls and handles.

Joel and Laura certainly know design and the importance of protecting your brew from light to avoid ‘skunk beer syndrome’.  Available in three sizes and backed by a one year guarantee this is perfect for your own zymurgist, Zoo town near or far.  Check out more at their online store or see them for yourselves at The Green Light Brew Supply at 128 W. Alder.  Cheers!

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