Maiden Missoula Review: BijaBody Tea


I love tea!

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t start my day with out my BlackCoffee caffeine fix, but I’m good with one or two cups.

Tea, on the other hand, I can drink all day! Hot or iced, unsweetened is a must. I like a flavorful tea that I don’t need to be doctored up. I can’t stand it out of a bottle or a can.

Missoula-made BijaBody Tea

I brew it in my kitchen and in the summer there is usually a repurposed pickle jar soaking up the suns rays to make sun tea. If you read my last blog about Body Basics and stopped by Selena’s charming shop recently, you may have been offered a spot of tea while you browsed and sampled. Most likely it was a delicious, fragrant, healthy cup of BijaBody tea.

BijaBody tea is not only simply delicious, but so amazingly beneficial for you. It’s so simple: Energy, digestion, antioxidants all key components of feeling good and in turn looking good from the inside out. It’s an ancient remedy for good reason: Because it works.

Melissa Picoli, the founder of BijaBody Tea, will certainly inspire you to drink gallons of her daily and nightly beauty teas. She’s gorgeous, and so down-to-earth!

Melissa chose to live in Missoula and start her Bijabody company because like most of us she truly loves the lifestyle. When she’s not making the world a more beautiful place, you’ll probably find her floating the river!

Not only is Melissa so open to sharing health and beauty benefits with all women, her company funds global programs to directly help impoverished women through the social venture RootedinBeauty.

Stop by the Good Food Store, Body Basics, Rockin’ Rudy’s, or one of the dozens of shops in Montana (and across the west) to try your new favorite drink or one of her amazing body care products.



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