Natural Creations: Spectacular Summer Grilling Sauces


Summertime. We grill.

Our dining room table becomes a drop-off for swimsuits and soccer balls and we move all kitchen and eating activities outside. I have harbored a not-so-secret crush on Bobby Flay for years, so I have picked up a thing or two about cooking with fire.

Natural Creations' amazing saucesBut really, in our home, it’s my husband who’s the master of the grill — and the marinades, sauces and accouterments that make a burger night a full-on BBQ party!  Salsa, a perfectly-marinated steak, a pork chop to oink for… he’s got them all down.

He is also a very busy contractor. So in the summer months if I’m hankering for a nice marinated steak, I either have to wait for him to be home or I hit the bottle!

Now you could go one of two ways if you are like me and have given up on being saucy: The Kraft standbys or pick up a bottle of local Natural Creations steak sauce, vinaigrette, or hot sauce. You can find their tasty toppers at the Clark Fork Market on Saturday mornings, the Good Food Store in Missoula, or on the Natural Creations website.

The price point is right in there with a standard bottle of A-1, just about $5, with the added value of supporting our neighbors. Try the Chipotle Steak Sauce to finish your Bitterroot Valley-raised steak or burger with a smoky, sweet, spicy kick. The Feisty Vinaigrette is perfection on a spinach salad with hard-boiled egg, ham, and homemade croutons.

You won’t stop there! Keep a few around to inspire your quick summer weeknight meals or send a gift to that out-of-state friend or relative, and they would be a perfect Father’s Day gift for your favorite fire-loving dad.

Happy grilling this summer!

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