Maiden Missoula: Barney Jette Jewelry


One thing the Maiden is very fond of is jewelry!  Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?  After living in Missoula for a few weeks you’ll notice that the most coveted (yet affordable) jewlery comes from an unassuming little shop on Higgins in Downtown Missoula.  Barney Jette Jewelry.

And unlike Sam or Jared, Barney is actually a real guy!  You can meet him!  And his lovely and funny wife Nancy and their precious dachshound Ginger who is always a presence in their comfy little shop. Barney and Nancy are the quintessential Missoula couple.  They support other local businesses, the arts and their gorgeous jewelry is actually made right here in Missoula!

We know Missoulians are pretty concientious shoppers.  From making sure our milk is organic to certifiying fair trade for our morning coffee.  Recently I was having lunch with Nancy and I asked her about the diamonds Barney uses.  I wondered if they just bought market diamonds without regard of origin or if they actually considered factors like human rights when they choose their materials sources.

Nancy said that she and Barney started using Russian mined diamonds over a decade ago, very much ahead of the curve!  It is attention to details like this that tie together our small community to a larger world market.  Even though that is reason enough to love Barney Jette Jewelry you really must see Barney’s designs in person.  In no time you will see Barney’s signature in each handmade piece of jewelry.

The finishing touch to your perfect Missoula look is of course a one of a kind ring or pendant from Barney Jette.  Sport a Barney!

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Leah Lewis is living the dream on Missoula’s Northside with her handsome and handy husband Mark, daughters Zoe and Mila, two dogs and a cat.  She enjoys making things on her sewing machine, with her knitting needles and in her kitchen.  You can listen to her play today’s pop music every day on Fresh 104.5 FM, or listen to her podcast about hundred or more year old pop music on her classical music podcast with Darko Butorac from the Missoula Symphony.  You might catch Leah and her family relaxing in their backyard, cheering on the Missoula Osprey or rooting for the Lady Griz on any given weekend.