Farmer’s Markets . . . Missoula Style


If you live in Missoula or are planning on visiting this summer one thing you are surely looking forward to is the opening of the Farmer’s Markets next weekend.  And the best place to find a whole bevy of Missoula Maid goodies is the Clark Fork River Market.

I like to do a weekly shopping trip at the market to stock up on basics like veggies, Lifeline cheese, Uncle Bill’s sausage even bison tallow hand soap from Grizzly Mountain Soap.

The first few weeks of the market you’ll find starts for your own garden, yummy treats for breakfast in the park (Mmmmm Waffles, anyone?) and some great products like Sugar Loaf Wool’s awesome pillows.

The Clark Fork River Market is truly a showcase of some of the best local made products.  It is really fun to shop around and see just what our creative and talented neighbors can whip up in their kitchens, garages, shops and gardens.

And don’t just stop there.  The best part about late spring and summer mornings downtown is the whole “market circuit”.

Start at one end of Higgins and walk or hop the Mountain Line Trolley down to the other end to hit the Farmer’s Market at Circle Square, People’s Market (arts and crafts) on Pine Street and the Clark Fork River Market under the Higgins Street Bridge.

Wrap it up with a spin on the Carousel and you have a perfect Saturday!

Saturday, April 30th kicks off Market Season. Find out more about the Clark Fork River Market and look for me hanging out by the Mmmm Waffles booth!

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Leah Lewis is living the dream on Missoula’s Northside with her handsome and handy husband Mark, daughters Zoe and Mila, two dogs and a cat.  She enjoys making things on her sewing machine, with her knitting needles and in her kitchen.  You can listen to her play today’s pop music every day on Fresh 104.5 FM, or listen to her podcast about hundred or more year old pop music on her classical music podcast at with Darko Butorac from the Missoula Symphony.  You might catch Leah and her family relaxing in their backyard, cheering on the Missoula Osprey or rooting for the Lady Griz on any given weekend.