Maiden Missoula Review: Powder Tails


OMG! There is a dusting of snow on the top of Lolo Peak, and I’m looking at it out my office window! Snowbowl has a little bit too, and the wait to get our snow tires on is backlogged…

That means ski season is just a few weeks away!

And I know what you’re thinking. My butt is going to be so wet on that chairlift ride.

No? That’s just me?

Okay, maybe I’m the only one worried about that, but you know what I’m talking about. That first powder day, the snow is still falling, you sit on that chairlift, and as soon as you pass that third post, your tush is chilly!

The good news is Powder Tails has your back, literally. Or your backside, at least.

Powder Tails: They'll cover your bum.

Powder Tails is a genius of an idea from a couple of true Missoula powder enthusiasts. And it’s so simple.

The first time you actually enjoy a warm tush on a long lift ride you’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this?” And trust me, I’ve actually duct taped hand warmers to my bum before. (TMI?)

The concept is simple, efficient, and it works. Clip a Powder Tail around your waist like a reverse apron or, a super hero cape for your glutes. The waterproof exterior and insulating lining protects your bum from the snow on your chairlift seat that may not always be completely swept off by your friendly lift operator.

And if you are a chronic yard-sale victim like me you can always unclip it and wave it around so you don’t get run over by a rouge pre-teen snowboarder while you dig yourself out of a snowbank.

Accessorize to match your ski outfit (no, it doesn’t come in “duct tape” yet), or grab a cool logo or design to showcase your team loyalty or shining personality!

Powder Tails in action.

Bob Ward’s started carrying these last year and the demand was overwhelming. Order yours early or stop by Bob Ward’s (your Montana-owned sporting goods super store) and be ready for a warm ride all winter!

It’s not just for the slopes either. Any football mom who has ever frozen her rear on a cold stadium seat or Griz fan who has sat in Washington-Grizzly Stadium during playoffs knows that an extra insulated layer can be the difference between a happy fan and a halftime deserter.

Hunters can easily pack these light weight beauties around, too. There are even pictures of people using these on the beach, although I think that’s for sissies.

Get your Powder Tails early this season and we’ll see you on the slopes, or in the lodge bar. No judging!

For Missoula and Montana area ski/snow conditions, be sure to check out our Ski/Snow Report.


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