On the Grill

Missoula grill master Paul Sidoriak shares his grilling recipes and techniques on a quest to deliver healthy, tasty meals fresh off the flame.

Paul enjoys grilling after a day on the water or an afternoon in the garden, where he has been known to grow heirloom tomatoes and peppers out of spite. Often cooking for extended family and friends, he takes a whimsical approach to cooking simple, seasonal dishes, while not taking it too seriously.  You can read more of Paul’s grilling recipes at his blog site, Grilling Montana.


On the Grill: Backyard Stir Fry

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Love Chinese style stir fry but don't like heating u... more

On the Grill: Colors of the Flag of Ireland…Kebabs

By PAUL SIDORIAK - This year for St. Patrick’s Day, I plan to represe... more

On The Grill: Poblano and Cheddar Elk Burgers

By PAUL SIDORIAK- Recently, my friend Jeremy made this poblano and ched... more

On The Grill: St. Patrick’s Day Egg Roll

By PAUL SIDORIAK- I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a cylindrical spin on the corned beef classic - the Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Roll. Here's how I do it on the Grill:... more

No-Fry Zesty Buffalo Chicken Croquettes

By PAUL SIDORIAK - These easy-to-make bite-sized Buffalo Chicken Croquettes are an ideal dish for for Sunday's Superbowl game and baking the croquettes in the oven is a healthier alternative to frying.... more

On The Grill: 5 Tailgating Tips

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Nothing gets a fanatic fan ready for kickoff on game day like a tailgate or home football party. Here are a few things to keep in mind that may help when you are planning your next game day e... more

On the Grill: Deep-Dish Pizza (VIDEO)

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Making deep-dish pizza was an impulse for me. Feeling bullish, I knew I could make the Chicago style deep-dish on the grill and invested about five hours in its reenactment.... more

On the Grill: Stuffed Artichokes

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I have never been head over heels for artichokes, but my friends and family love them. To avoid heating up the kitchen I used a steamer and then my trusted grill. Check it out!... more

Best Ever Sweet Onion Rings On The Grill

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Until now, making a proper onion ring at home required using a messy and often dangerous deep fat fryer. But this 'Best Ever Sweet Onion Ring' recipe is done on the grill. ... more

Hot Dogs on a Hot Day from Tom Dooley’s in Missoula

By PAUL SIDORIAK - It's hot in Missoula! Instead of heating up my house by cooking, this week I let the kind folks at Tom Dooley's Gourmet Hot Dog Restaurant do the cooking for me! ... more

On the Grill: Backyard Stir Fry

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Love Chinese style stir fry but don't like heating up the kitchen This summer? Why not do in on the grill? Here's my a recipe and step-by-step directions.... more

On The Grill: Simple Pork

By PAUL SIDORIAK - When I share my experiences cooking on the grill, I often like to share the why and the how. This week, I made a boneless, heritage pork roast based on a butchering class I took. Learn more.... more

On The Grill: Marinated Chicken Breast With Crab Stuffing

By PAUL SIDORIAK -On their own, chicken and the crabmeat can be bland, but this recipe and step-by-step instructions for combining the two atop the grill is sure delight your taste buds!... more

How to Grill the Perfect Steak Every Time: Reverse Sear Method

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Grilling a perfect steak can be as easy as reading a digital thermometer. Learn how to grill the perfect steak time after time with the reverse sear method.... more

Mother’s Day Manicotti On the Grill

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Mother's day only happens once a year, so this year, instead of going out to brunch, I decided to do a special Manicotti--on the grill no less! Here's my recipe and instructions.... more

On the Grill: Carne Asada with Grilled Veggies and Guacamole

By PAUL SIDORIAK - If you're hungry for an alternative to skirt or flank steak, grill up some carne asada. Paired with grilled veggies and guac, it's a perfect summer meal.... more

On the Grill: Grilled Cabbage and Bacon Salad

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Lately, we have been embracing a lower-carb menu. On the Grill This week: bacon wrapped cabbage wedges that were intended to be a side dish, but completely stole the show!... more

Rotisserie Chicken and Pecan Salad with Roasted Asparagus

By PAUL SIDORIAK - One of the easiest ways to eat healthy when faced with a busy schedule is to let someone do part of the work for you. Using a rotisserie chicken from the market is a great way to save time.... more

On the Grill: Colors of the Flag of Ireland…Kebabs

By PAUL SIDORIAK - This year for St. Patrick’s Day, I plan to represent the colors of the flag of Ireland on a shillelagh and make St. Patrick’s Day kebabs.... more

On the Grill: A Modern Version of Chicken Cordon Bleu

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Ask 10 friends what their version of comfort food is and be prepared to receive a variety of answers. For me, it's Chicken Cordon Bleu--but with a few twists. ... more

On the Grill: Grilled Shrimp Salad

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Every once in a while, I get inspired to try something different or nontraditional on the grill. This week--it's Grilled Shrimp Salad.... more

On the Grill: Yum Nua Salad

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I recently grilled for Yum Nua Salad--a spicy beef salad, warm, with incredibly diverse flavors. Onion, cilantro, chili pepper, mint leaves, and something called rice powder rounded out the ... more

On the Grill: Meatloaf with a Bacon Toupee

By PAUL SIDORIAK - All meatloaf recipes consist of roughly the same ingredients. But it’s the custom extra ingredients that make a good meatloaf EPIC--thus my my Meatloaf with a bacon toupee.... more

On the Grill: Festive Holiday Turkey

By PAUL SIDORIAK - People get stressed out when making a festive turkey. I have never completely understood this, but they probably don't want to leave a "fowl taste" in a guest's mouth.... more

On the Grill: Gameday Grilled French Toast

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I love game-day cooking. Recently, I decided to fill the pre-game meal void with breakfast on the grill. I had grilled French toast on my mind.... more

On the Grill: Grilled Shrimp-Stuffed Jalapenos

By PAUL SIDORIAK - After a 20 year sabbatical from jalapeños, I indulged the request of friends and took a stab at making bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños on the grill.... more

On the Grill: Grilled Stuffed Artichokes

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Artichokes showed up in the pantry. I'd never grilled or stuffed artichokes before, so it was the perfect opportunity for culinary experimentation.... more

On the Grill: Grilled Leftover Pizza

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Growing up, Fridays always meant pizza. Homemade pizza topped with leftovers and fired on the grill is a perfect, crowd-pleasing weeknight recipe.... more

On the Grill: Lemongrass Pork Satay with Rice and Grilled Portabella Mushrooms

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Featuring a blended marinade and simple, skewered pork tenderloin, this is an easy and fun dish that everyone will love!... more

On the Grill: Salt Slab Grilled Striped Bass and Summer Veggies

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Between the flaky, mild flavor of the fish and the freshness of the local vegetables, this dish captures the taste of summer in a single bite. ... more

On the Grill: Hasselback Grilled Potatoes

By PAUL SIDORIAK - This is a fancy version of grilled Russet potatoes. Start by making cuts in the potato, then slather it with butter, cheese, and more tasty toppers.... more

On the Grill: Cheese-Stuffed Burgers & Curly Hot Dogs

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I get nostalgic about the summer memories a meal of burgers and dogs evokes. For fun, here two new twists on a classic American summer meal.... more

On the Grill: Grilled Campfire Fajitas

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Grilling over a campfire sparks the inner caveman in many of us. With a little planning, you can make tasty meals that are as fun as a day at the lake.... more

On the Grill: Montana Wagyu Beef with Morel Sauce

By PAUL SIDORIAK - If beef is what’s for dinner, American-style Kobe Wagyu beef from the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company makes dinner very, very special.... more

On the Grill: Chinook Salmon with Grilled Rice

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I recently experienced two grilling firsts: I grilled up a Chinook salmon that I caught myself, and I discovered that you can, in fact, grill rice!... more

On the Grill: Stuffed Pork Roulade with Grilled Mac and Cheese

By PAUL SIDORIAK - This week's dish was based on completely random ingredients I happened to have on hand, but I plan on making it again and again.... more

On the Grill: Gourmet Grilled Nachos

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Remember the first time you had nachos? There's an alternative to the usual, plastic-and-stale-chips ballpark food: Grilled nachos.... more

On the Grill: The Best Burger Grill-Off Competition

By PAUL SIDORIAK - It's the best burger grilling challenge! Hot tub method -vs- Caveman cooking. New -vs- old. Who will prevail? There's only one way to find out.... more

On the Grill: Spatch Cock Chicken with Potatoes & Rosemary

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I recently visited to the Mission General Store in St. Ignatius and found a Hutterite fryer chicken, perfect for skillet-grilled butterflied chicken.... more

A Mothers’ Day Feast: Grilled Shrimp & Veggie Rosemary Skewers

By PAUL SIDORIAK - With Mothers' Day coming up this Sunday, I'd like to offer up one of my (and my mom's!) favorite grill recipes: Shrimp & Veggie Rosemary Skewers.... more