Best Ever Sweet Onion Rings On The Grill


Onion rings are a yummy treat that complement almost any meal done on the grill. The bummer is that until now, making a proper onion ring at home required using a messy and often dangerous deep fat fryer. This Best Ever Sweet Onion Ring recipe is done on the grill so you do not have to work with dangerously hot oil.

Step 1: Ingredients


2-3 Sweet Onions Cleaned and Cut into about 1/2″ thick rings
1 1/2 cups seasoned flower
1 1/2 cups Panko Bread Crumbs
1/2 cup Seasoned Bread Crumbs
4 Eggs
1/3 cup cooking oil of your choice

Additional Ingredients (used to taste)

Sriracha Hot Sauce
Worcestershire sauce

Seasoning for Seasoned Flour: Season Liberally to Taste Italian Seasoning Salt Black Pepper Garlic Powder

Step 2: Prepare the Onion Rings

No Fry Sweet Onion Rings Done On The Grill

Dredging the Onion in Seasoned Flower First Will Give the Egg Something To Hold On Too

Prepare the raw onion rings by letting them air dry in a colander in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or pat dry with a paper towel before breading.

Prepare the egg bath by putting the eggs as well as a good amount of the Worcestershire sauce and Sriracha in a blender and blend on high for 2 min. With the blender running, drizzle in the cooking oil of your choice and let blend with the eggs and sauces for an additional min. The egg mix will help the breading adhere to the onion, but will also promote browning. Transfer the egg mixture to a bowl deep enough for dunking the onions.

No Fry Sweet Onion Rings Done On The Grill

Onion Ring Dredged in Seasoned Flower Goes Into Blended Egg Mixture

With a fork, transfer the onion ring seasoned in flour to the egg mixture, giving it a good dunk. Drop into the seasoned bread crumb mixture

Shake the onion with the egg mixture on it in the seasoned crumbs until it gets coated well with the crumb mixture. Coat until it gets covered as completely as possible.

No Fry Sweet Onion Rings Done On The Grill

Seasoned Coating Should Adhere to Onion Rings with Minimal Clumping

Carefully transfer to a plate or a tray taking care to prevent the coating from being knocked off Transfer plate or tray to the freezer for 30 min

No Fry Sweet Onion Rings Done On The Grill

Cooling the Breaded Rings in the Freezer Should Help Prevent Breading From Falling Off

Step 3: Prepare your Grill

No Fry Sweet Onion Rings Done On The Grill
No Fry Sweet Onion Rings Done On The Grill


Your grill should be pre heated and stabilized at about 375F.

Create a barrier between the direct heat of the grill. A sheet pan, or pizza pan from the dollar store works well for this.

Arrange the onion rings on the grill leaving space between them to promote even cooking

Cook for about 8 to 10 min per side until golden brown and crunchy

The less you handle the onion rings, the better chance the breading has of not falling off

Step 4: Enjoy-


I made the onion rings on the grill to be enjoyed with burgers.

The problem is that a majority of them get eaten before they even get to the plate

You may need to double the recipe if you plan on having enough of these delicious Sweet Grilled Onion Rings to share!


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Paul Sidoriak, grill masterPaul moved to Montana in 1996 with about a dozen friends from Lyndon State College in Vermont. He is still reluctantly paying his student loans and has carved out a career working as a supplier representative for various food and beverage products. Paul enjoys grilling after a day on the water or an afternoon in the garden where he has been known to grow heirloom tomatoes and peppers out of spite. Often cooking for extended family and friends, he takes a whimsical approach to cooking simple, seasonal dishes, while not taking it too seriously.

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