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On the Grill: Backyard Stir Fry

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Love Chinese style stir fry but don't like heating up the kitchen This summer? Why not do in on the grill? Here's my a recipe and step-by-step directions.... more

Honey Lime Broiled Salmon with Peanut Sauce

By MANDA HUDAK - Salmon season is underway and here in Montana we are very fortunate to have access to wild Pacific salmon. Here's my recipe for honey lime broiled Salmon with peanut sauce.... more

Kalamazoo Sliders–A New Spin On A Tailgating Favorite

By ARIANNA SOLIMENE-We’re here to share our recipe for the perfect beef slider, a crowd tested favorite you’re sure to love. The secret lies in the cheese and the pretzel bun.... more

A Graduate’s Guide to Grilling on a Budget

By BLAINE KELTON - So you've just graduated from college, you're broke and you're hungry. Here are few tips on how to grill on a budget without compromising the integrity of your meals. ... more

On The Grill: Poblano and Cheddar Elk Burgers

By PAUL SIDORIAK- Recently, my friend Jeremy made this poblano and cheddar elk burger with a flavorful twist and I thought it looked fantastic. Here's my recipe:... more

On The Grill: St. Patrick’s Day Egg Roll

By PAUL SIDORIAK- I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a cylindrical spin on the corned beef classic - the Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Roll. Here's how I do it on the Grill:... more

No-Fry Zesty Buffalo Chicken Croquettes

By PAUL SIDORIAK - These easy-to-make bite-sized Buffalo Chicken Croquettes are an ideal dish for for Sunday's Superbowl game and baking the croquettes in the oven is a healthier alternative to frying.... more

On The Grill: 5 Tailgating Tips

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Nothing gets a fanatic fan ready for kickoff on game day like a tailgate or home football party. Here are a few things to keep in mind that may help when you are planning your next game day e... more

On the Grill: Deep-Dish Pizza (VIDEO)

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Making deep-dish pizza was an impulse for me. Feeling bullish, I knew I could make the Chicago style deep-dish on the grill and invested about five hours in its reenactment.... more

On the Grill: Stuffed Artichokes

By PAUL SIDORIAK - I have never been head over heels for artichokes, but my friends and family love them. To avoid heating up the kitchen I used a steamer and then my trusted grill. Check it out!... more

Best Ever Sweet Onion Rings On The Grill

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Until now, making a proper onion ring at home required using a messy and often dangerous deep fat fryer. But this 'Best Ever Sweet Onion Ring' recipe is done on the grill. ... more

Hot Dogs on a Hot Day from Tom Dooley’s in Missoula

By PAUL SIDORIAK - It's hot in Missoula! Instead of heating up my house by cooking, this week I let the kind folks at Tom Dooley's Gourmet Hot Dog Restaurant do the cooking for me! ... more

Fillet of Beef Grilled in Coffee Beans with a Velvet Chili Sauce

Firing up the grill offers an easy way to entertain during your summer get-togethers with out-of-town guests. This recipe combines coffee beans and tenderloin, but any cut of meat will do.... more

On the Grill: Backyard Stir Fry

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Love Chinese style stir fry but don't like heating up the kitchen This summer? Why not do in on the grill? Here's my a recipe and step-by-step directions.... more

On The Grill: Simple Pork

By PAUL SIDORIAK - When I share my experiences cooking on the grill, I often like to share the why and the how. This week, I made a boneless, heritage pork roast based on a butchering class I took. Learn more.... more

On The Grill: Marinated Chicken Breast With Crab Stuffing

By PAUL SIDORIAK -On their own, chicken and the crabmeat can be bland, but this recipe and step-by-step instructions for combining the two atop the grill is sure delight your taste buds!... more

How to Grill the Perfect Steak Every Time: Reverse Sear Method

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Grilling a perfect steak can be as easy as reading a digital thermometer. Learn how to grill the perfect steak time after time with the reverse sear method.... more

On the Grill: Grilled Cabbage and Bacon Salad

By PAUL SIDORIAK - Lately, we have been embracing a lower-carb menu. On the Grill This week: bacon wrapped cabbage wedges that were intended to be a side dish, but completely stole the show!... more