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Margaret DeWilliam Horton is a writer, photographer and mom who lives in the rainy, but green, Pacific Northwest. She has been a frequent visitor to Missoula and the surrounding landscape for many years and knows that a part of her lives here as well.

Stop in to find out about her visits and why she looks forward to coming back to Missoula each time. It just might make you want to visit as well! Take a look at some of her terrific photos on her website at

Whitefish hosts the Huckleberry Days Arts Festival Aug 9-11

By MOLLY PRIDDY - Huckleberry Days (Aug. 9-11) is one of the biggest ar... more

The Life and Artistry of Boat Builder Stu Williams

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Missoula boat builder Stu Williams believes in th... more

Canine’s Cameo in Camelot to Highlight Adopt-A-Dog Month

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Thanks to a partnership between MCT and the Human... more

‘Not Your Typical Camelot’: MCT Artistic Director Gives New Slant to an Old Classic

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - In October, MCT Artistic Director Joe Martinez will direct Camelot and bring a fresh set of creative circumstances to a classic play.... more

Get Out of the Kitchen Next Week: My Favorite Missoula Restaurants

By MARGARET HORTON - Thanksgiving is next week and it’s got me thinking: I’ll provide place to stay and the home-cooked meals for my guests, but it’s also fun get everybody out for a meal.... more

In Awe of Photographer Ansel Adams

By MARGARET HORTON - Currently, the Missoula Art Museum is hosting an exhibit of 130 prints by the legendary photographer.... more

We Are Family: Griz Family Weekend

By MARGARET DEWILLIAM HORTON - On a Wednesday several weeks ago, I sat poised by the computer, waiting for the stroke of 10 AM Mountain Time (which I had to remember translated to 9 AM Pacific Time). I was hopi... more

Road Trippin’ to Missoula

By MARGARET HORTON. I’ll be taking off for Missoula soon. As a frequent visitor I know that flights from our area run a couple of times a day, but my favorite way to travel……and the way I travel most ofte... more

Loopy – for Loopy Knit / Crochet in Missoula

By MARGARET HORTON .As the season shifts, so does my creativity. I want to hold a pair of wooden needles and listen to their faint clicking while I knit, purl and attempt to learn the variety of stitches I have... more

Big Dipper Ice Cream: Great Cones…Oh Boy!

By MARGARET HORTON. I’m always on the lookout for great ice cream. It’s no surprise then, that I discovered Big Dipper during a visit to Missoula a few years ago. Now when we drive into town, I let who ever... more

This Time Last Year

By MARGARET HORTON. Just about this time last year I was busy trying not to address my empty nest and trying hard to concentrate on moving my son into his room in Aber Hall at UM.... more

Missoula Musician David Boone

By MARGARET HORTON. During the past couple of years visiting Missoula I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to the talent of Missoula-based songwriter and musician, David Boone. I quickly purchased a co... more

Dolce — as in Caffe Dolce

By MARGARET HORTON.I spent a few minutes trying to get a feel for the use of the Italian word dolce. In reference to food it speaks of something sweet and agreeable to the palate.... more

My Top 10 Things . . . About Missoula

By MARGARET HORTON. I don’t make top ten lists, mostly because if I did, I know they would be in a constant state of flux. Here are a few things I look forward to when visiting Missoula. In the interest of s... more

So…..Why Missoula?

By MARGARET HORTON. Although I don’t live in Missoula, throughout the past many years our family has spent a lot of time here. We initially arrived as visitors and vacationers. What began as a convenient stop... more


By MARGARET HORTON. ALL NEW VISIT MISSOULA BLOG. I’m not a Missoula local or even a Montana native. What I am, however, is a frequent visitor to this beautiful city and the surrounding area and each visit ha... more