Grow it Missoula

Whether it’s growing a garden, growing trees, or just growing up in Missoula, Grow It Missoula touches on a little of everything. Contributors are varied. Some have lived in Missoula all of their lives–others are happy just to be ‘growing roots’ in the Garden City.

The Snow is Gone

By BILL CARAS. The snow is gone. What does that mean for spring gardeni... more

Contain Yourself: How to Plant a Container Garden

By BILL CARAS - Gardening in containers is easy and rewarding. In our M... more

Get Out of the Weeds

By BILL CARAS. Weeds -- the bane of any landscape. Often considered Mot... more

Missoula Gardens = Personality, Plants & Space

By BILL CARAS. The best gardens in western Montana were not created overnight -- they've evolved over time. These gardens often reflect the owner’s personality and the plants and spaces within them have their... more

Where is……?

By BILL CARAS. “Where is what I’m looking for?” These are words I first uttered years ago in the midst of a spring rush at the nursery. Leaves are emerging, seeds are germinating. The nursery is set up bu... more

What I’m Seeing

By BILL CARAS. So, it snowed in April. No big deal for plants and gardens. Snow actually protects foliage, flowers, etc. from the air which can be much colder and, thus, more damaging than frozen water.... more

Garden Synergy

By BILL CARAS. Beautiful landscapes and stunning gardens fill the pages of the plethora of gardening magazines available these. The good news is that virtually all of these gardens can be mimicked right here in... more

Pruning Pointers

By BILL CARAS. Late winter/early spring is a good time for pruning many outdoor plants but is certainly not the only time. In my opinion, the best looking trees are those that don’t look pruned at all. ... more

What Has Winter Brought?

By BILL CARAS. What has winter brought? For Montana gardeners, “What will spring bring?” might be the better question. Either way, the answers vary every year. What will survive unscathed? What might be wi... more