The Other Side of the Mountain

Blog by Jen Slayden

Jen Slayden is a Missoulian who makes her home on the outskirts of town with three outdoorsy kids, a fly-fishing guide husband, and a outdoor loving black lab named Cody. Her blog is shaped by her love of being a wife,  mom, life coach, outdoor enthusiast, music teacher (she plays in her family’s blue grass band), and her love of “all things Missoula”.

Smell Makes Cents

By JENNIFER SLAYDEN - Realtors are gearing up for the busiest time of t... more

I’m Not in Love with the Reverse Mortgage

By JENNIFER SLAYDEN - What can you do to protect yourself, your parents... more

Missoula’s Crazy Spring Weather, a Conversation Starter

By JEN SLAYDEN - Missoula, with your fickle seasons, winter inversions,... more

Multimedia: The Sights of Spring in Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - I get a little weary during spring, wanting Mother Nature to hurry up and let the sun shine. While we wait, here are a few early Missoula spring sights.... more

An Elegy for a Tree

By JEN SLAYDEN - Like many Missoulians, I take to the trails to alleviate my stress. Recently, I was sad to find that my favorite lone tree on Mount Jumbo was chopped down.... more

MissouLOVE: Ten Things I Love About Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - A musical, multimedia love letter to Missoula and Western Montana. ... more

Children’s Musician Bill Harley Comes to Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - When Bonner School principal Ashley Parks found out that Bill Harley was coming to Missoula for a concert, she sprung into action to bring his talent to students at Bonner.... more

The Real Snowbirds of Missoula County

By JEN SLAYDEN - Just the other day as I was heading home, I took a detour the back way to Bonner, through East Missoula. When I showed up, I saw there was a party going on. ... more

Line Gaming: A Bit of Vegas in Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - For Christmas vacation, I traveled with my family through four states and down to Vegas. Apparently, something bigger than a bit of sunshine followed me back from Sin City.... more

A Musical Missoula Christmas Postcard

By JEN SLAYDEN - A multimedia Christmas tribute to Missoula and Western Montana. We wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and fun-filled holiday season!... more

Christmas Music Events in Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - For me, the holidays are celebrated around musical performances. Each year, as I wander downtown Missoula, I realize how lucky we are to live in such a musical city.... more

MissouLOVE: Things That Make Missoula Home

By JEN SLAYDEN - From the rivers to the mountains and all things in between, here are my 10 fave things about Missoula. What do you MissouLOVE?... more

Missoula Moms Test Senator Tester: Concerns of Parents Heard

By JEN SLAYDEN - When I first received the email from Mamalode to join a group of Missoula moms and staff members to meet with Senator Jon Tester, I hesitated. Most of my life, I have remained on the passive si... more

Chchchchanges: Autumn Comes to the Other Side of the Mountain

By JENNIFER SLAYDEN. Just as we can predict that there will be changes in the weather in Missoula each fall, we can also know that life on the other side of the mountain will be in cycles of change for years t... more

Fundraiser for Friends of 2 Rivers

By JEN SLAYDEN. Please join Friends of 2 Rivers at Flathead Lake Brewing Company on Wednesday, September 21st from 5pm-11pm, to enjoy trivia, friendship, and cold, tasty beer!... more

Missoula is Like . . . Relaxed Fit Jeans?

By JEN SLAYDEN. Jeans come in such different shapes and styles, each feeling a bit different to wear. Kind of like the styles of each of the town you travel going east and back again through the great state of... more

Bonner Fire Photos – Check these out!

Check out these Bonner Fire Images by Paul Queneau--or submit your own!... more

Earth, Wind, and Fire – Bonner Fire

By JEN SLAYDEN. If it takes an act of God to fill up the usually vacant church parking lots on my side of the mountain, I think he has spoken. For in a brief period of twelve hours we felt an earthquake and our... more

Stop! In the Name of Love!

By JEN SLAYDEN. I am not one to go gaga over Valentine’s Day, but it is nice to be appreciated by my spouse, and to show him appreciation. Four years ago, when he was still working in the corporate world I d... more