Wish We Were There

Blog by Verina Palmer Martin

Verina Palmer Martin is a Missoula native who fled town in 1986 in search of truth and eternal sunshine, which led to a longtime newspaper career in Arizona. She’s happily married to a Montana boy who tracked her down 20 years ago, and he still makes her laugh like he did in high school. She blames the UM School of Journalism for her addiction to news ink and ridiculously high journalistic ethics.

Buttercups of My Spring

By VERINA PALMER MARTIN. It seems like a lifetime since I’ve seen Mo... more

From UM J-School to the Big Screen: A Writer Makes His Dream Come True

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My Loyal Valentine

By VERINA PALMER MARTIN. I love Valentine’s Day. I always have – ev... more

The Facts of Life

By VERINA PALMER MARTIN. If I were to name two things I learned during my college years that have resonated with me throughout my life, it would be these: 1. Always check your facts. 2. Never forget how little ... more

Yes, Verina, There is a Santa

By VERINA PALMER MARTIN. Every December I swear up and down I won’t get sucked into watching another marathon of sappy Hallmark Channel movies that end with snowflakes falling on cue in a freaking Christmas m... more

Confessions of a Desert Diva

11/12 Blog by Verina Palmer Martin. I really hate to admit it, but I’m not the same Montana girl my daddy raised. More precisely, I’m not the tomboy he took camping, hunting, fishing and competitive trapsho... more

Wish You Were Here

10/26 Blog by Verina Palmer Martin. It’s just another Saturday in October and we’re surrounded by the usual crowd of zealous Griz fans wearing a sea of maroon and talking up Montana football. We’ve got a ... more