Missoula Musician David Boone


A few evenings ago I chatted with a friend about how he wants to spend his time. He mentioned that he wants to be a person who makes a difference but wasn’t sure where to begin. He’s smart. I know he’ll figure out where to focus his talent and energy, that at some point he’ll solidify his ideas and act on them.

If there is one thing that grabs my attention for sure, it’s a person who puts themselves ‘out there’. One who makes the effort and takes the necessary chances to figure out the one, or maybe many things, that they were organically put together to do. A person who believes in themselves enough to act on their ideas. One who trusts the process.

During the past couple of years I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to the talent of Missoula-based songwriter and musician, David Boone, although he’s been recording and performing for over a decade now.

I’ve attended a couple of his concerts, both of which were solo performances with just Boone, his songs, and his guitar. At the first show in a small restaurant near Big Fork, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. At the next one, on stage at the University Theater, I was blown away.  I quickly purchased a collection of his music after that.

As a songwriter, David Boone makes me pay attention. It’s hard not to become engaged as he explores truth, romance, and beliefs with his words and music. To think about the story he’s telling — where it originated and how it came to be. I am by no means a music critic but I know what I like and what moves me. Words like powerful, authentic, real, honest, raw, and earthy come to mind. And variety and range — all the things that keep me listening to his old songs, and thinking I need to make time for what I haven’t yet heard. His energy seems to emanate straight from the gut.  But like I said — I’m not a music critic.

On September first, David is heading to London with his wife, newborn son, and manager to finish his next album, Here’s To Losing Control. He’ll be working for the first time with sought-after music producer and engineer Danton Supple, known for his work with bands such as Coldplay, U2, The Cure, and The Doves. His music will be accompanied by famed composer Audrey Riley and her quartet, and backed up on the album by a Northwest group of performers, The Mercenaries.

Passion, hard work, and trusting the process appear to have led up to what will take place for Boone during the next few weeks in London. I wish this independent artist from Missoula much success. I think his words and music make a difference; that he has what he was put together to do all figured out.  If I’m lucky, he’ll put on a show next time I’m in town.

You can find out more about the music of David Boone and his visit to London by checking in at www.davidboonemusic.com. Be sure to take a minute to watch and listen to the videos. I think you’ll become a fan.

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