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Sean Kelly’s Top of the Mic: Band vs. Solo

By LEISA GREENE NELSON - Sean Kelly’s Top of the Mic contest gives a stage to both local bands, like the Hasslers, and solo acts, like slide guitarist Dan Dubuque.... more

Sean Kelly’s Top of the Mic, Featuring Brother Townsend

By LEISA GREEN NELSON - Thursday is Top of the Mic night at Sean Kelly's, a chance local musicians to perform for a crowd. Last week, the standout was Brother Townsend.... more

Making a Living in Music. Or Not.

By BOB WIRE - Could I actually make a decent living in Missoula from just music? Technically, it could be done. Let’s explore the possibilities, shall we?... more

The Guitar That Saved My Soul

By BOB WIRE - In late 1988, I found myself with no guitar. There was a hole in my soul. Enter, the Big Red Troublemaker.... more

Box Cutting at the Top Hat

By RYAN LANDOLFI - Missoula's blues-rock two-piece, The BoxCutters, played the Top Hat to a loyal local crowd on Thursday night.... more

Singin’ The Post-Christmas, Hungover New Year’s Blues

By BOB WIRE - I’m petitioning Congress - by that I mean complaining to my mail lady - to officially repeal January first as New Year’s Day.... more

Missoula is the Place for Bluegrass Music

By MARK VOSURGH. Wanna Jam? Missoulians, You are SO in luck. Missoula has a great bluegrass scene with at least 15 area bands playing bluegrass, and a ton of great musicians.... more

Dogsitting: It’s Not All Beer and Kibbles

By BOB WIRE - Ahh, on cold mornings like this, nothing feels better on the bare feet than a wood floor in a gas-heated home. Until you step in the dog vomit.... more

The Making of Off White Christmas, Part Deux

By BOB WIRE - Gather 'round the Christmas tree, kids! It's the second part in Bob Wire's bedtime tale about the making of his new album, Off White Christmas.... more

Behind the Music: Off White Christmas

By BOB WIRE - Like Mozart's Requiem and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, the inspiration for Bob Wire's Off White Christmas album was a big, greasy, delicious hamburger.... more

Christmas Music Events in Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - For me, the holidays are celebrated around musical performances. Each year, as I wander downtown Missoula, I realize how lucky we are to live in such a musical city.... more

Dial “M” for Mandolin

By BOB WIRE - I bought a mandolin. Don’t worry, the bluegrass world is safe. ... more

MissouLOVE: Things That Make Missoula Home

By JEN SLAYDEN - From the rivers to the mountains and all things in between, here are my 10 fave things about Missoula. What do you MissouLOVE?... more

Music Lessons For Your Kids and Other Ways to Waste Money

By BOB WIRE - I never learned to read music. Hell, sometimes it’s all I can do to read English. So I learned to play by ear. I’m equipped with a strong sense of rhythm, so the guitar was a natural choice.... more

Introducing the Black Mountain Boys and
Weekly Missoula Bluegrass Music

By MARK VOSBURGH - Where is Missoula's free weekly bluegrass show? Hint: Look for the grain bin on Reserve Street.... more

A Marriage of Music: Successful Jazz and Pop Artists Make Missoula Studio Work

By RACHEL A. SEIDENSTICKER - After recording seven jazz CDs and headlining clubs in Chicago, appearing on ABC’s “The Commish,” and performing, acting, and modeling across the world, Eden Atwood found hers... more

Missoula Musician David Boone

By MARGARET HORTON. During the past couple of years visiting Missoula I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to the talent of Missoula-based songwriter and musician, David Boone. I quickly purchased a co... more