How To Build a Follow Up System

By MARK RIFFEY - It’s important to develop a system of consistently following up with your clients. A system can all but eliminate the cracks.... more

An Easter Tradition: Challah

Challah is a slightly sweet, very rich bread. Traditionally, the braided Sabbath bread of Judasim is a European celebratory loaf, symbolic of God's goodness and bounty.... more

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Evacuations in Missoula County

By NICK HOLLOWAY - During an emergency or a disaster, your family may need to evacuate to a safe location. Take the time now to learn what to do to keep your family safe. ... more

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Asparagus

By CHEF HOWARD KARP - This picture-perfect dish really turned out to be a crowd pleaser.... more

This Week’s Arts & Culture Scene | March 30

Here's a look at what's happening this week in Missoula from music to dance, theatre to museum exhibits and more--brought to you by our friends at the Missoula Cultural Council.... more

Missoula Public Schools Get a Spark of Creativity

By MATT ANGLEN - SPARK! Arts Ignite Learning is a new program making great strides in our community. ... more

International Wildlife Film Festival April 18-25, 2015

Missoula plays host to the highly anticipated International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF) from April 18-25 at Missoula’s newly restored Roxy Theater.... more

Make it Missoula Monday | Week of March 30

Check out the various bands and live music all over Missoula sprinkled with a sporting event, film or a fundraiser. ... more

Spring Cleanup: Street Cleaning Starts Tuesday March 31

FYI: The City of Missoula Street Maintenance Division will begin its street cleaning schedule on Tuesday, March 31. Check out the neighborhood map and schedule here.... more